Healing me

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One more chapter cause I am bored…

“I have been waiting so long for you to say that.” He smiled, Kissing me one more time.

“You’re worse than Emily and Sam” Someone said. I pulled back and Blushed crimson. Paul and Embry were standing by the forest line.

“No one is worse than Emily and Sam.” Paul mumbled.

Jake groaned and pulled me into his chest, wrapping his arms around my waist. “What do you want?” He asked annoyed kissing my hair.

"Jake don't" I whispered, pushing against him. He let me move away slightly and looked at me with a  hurt expression.

“Aww, she’s just embarrassed Jake, don’t take it to heart” Embry laughed as he walked closer.

He smiled and turned to them. “What do you want?” he asked again.

“The bonfire is soon and the elders want to talk to you in private before it begins.”

I felt him tense and there was nothing else to do but tighten my hold.

“Do you know what for?”

“Top secret between you and the council meaning your girlfriend cant come” Paul jabbed.

Jake's chest rumbled but he held himself in check which I was proud off.

“When?” He stressed.

“Now, Maybe” Embry replied “Soon as your free, go home”

He nodded then stuck his face in my hair. I laughed a little, he always sniffs me.

“Its great to have you back Jake” Embry was staring at his friend but Jacob never even acknowledged him.

“Jake, Embry’s talking to you” I pressed.

“I don’t want to talk to him” He didn’t say it low so Embry heard.

I smiled sadly at Embry. He looked hurt. “Sorry” I mouthed.

He nodded and ran into the forest.

“Jake, that was really mean!” I pushed his chest back and glared.

“What?” He asked confused.

“He’s worried Jake and you just kicked him down.”

“I didn’t want to talk to him”

“There was still no need to be rude Jacob” I said quietly. I couldn’t shout at him anymore. We have argued so much lately.

“Yea your right” He lowered his head. “I will apologise later. I just need this time with you right now.”

He pulled me back into his warm embrace. Everything was right, yet so wrong.

“I better go home now” Jacob finally said after a while just holding each other.

“Yeah, stay calm OK. I will be here for you”

“I know and I am grateful”

We walked hand in hand to Emily’s were Jake kissed my cheek one last time before running for the woods.

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