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Hey!! Yeah im still alive... I did say it was going to be a while since last time. Ok, I havent went over this but hope you like.

Its felt like ages since I've been here. The house looked the same, ok maybe not. Theres no broken door or shattered glass. Voices could be heard from inside. They sounded happy, like there was nothing to be worried about. Wish I felt the same. My heart was pounding and the only thing stoping me from running was the warm grip on my hand.

I havent even met sam and Emily properly yet. Last time there was a distraction, a distraction that has affected everything so much. Jake smiled down at gripping my hand with more pressure. I knew he was worried too. Even if his face showed complete calmness I still knew he was unsure of what was going to happen.

Emilys door was only a few steps away and the noise inside noticeably got quieter. Jakes step slowed and he stopped before the door. He seemed unsure what to do but causiously brought up his hand to knock.
"Since when did you knock?" the drew open before Jake could rap his hand. Emily stood in the door way, a hand still resting on the door and one on her hip. She was beautiful even thow the scars destroyed her face.

The thick air was tense. I could just see the boys around the table. They all looked like they didnt know what to do. Only Emily was relaxed as she pulled Jake in for a hug. He dropped my hand in shock. She drew back, one half of her face in a glorious smile. "Its good to see you" she murmered before pushing him further into the house "Now go talk to your brothers"

She turned to me next and I instintly dropped my eyes, fumbling with my fingers. Careing arms wrapped around my shoulders. The only thing I could think of doing was to gently pat her back.
"Thanks for bringing him back" she whispered in my ear realising me.

The house was a lot neater than before. The back door where the glass was shattered was now boarded up and there was a few bare spaces were an object used to sit. Emily pulled me into the kitchen area where you could see over the small counter to the table were the boys sat. They seemed a lot less tense and Sam and Jacob where having a deep discusion. I noticed Sams arm was no longer in the sling. Was it only yesterday when I seen him last?

"They heal quick" I voice told me. I turned to Emily as she pulled a pie out of the oven. "I noticed you were looking at Sams arm." she pointed out. "They heal really fast"

I nodded and turned back to the table. Jakes eyes caught mine. They were asking a silent question If I was ok. I nodded and turned back to Emily, leaving them to do what they have to. I didnt need to be anymore trouble.

"You need help?" It was the only thing I could do as she pulled out another pie. She set it down on the counter and wipped her hands.
"If you dont mind can you cut these pies up?"
I stirred down at the three pies on the counter. "All of them?"
She giggled lightly and set out a large dish. "Yes, they eat alot"

She handed me a knife then started placing mash potato from a large pot into the dish. "Cut them in quarters" she noted.

The slices of pie were massive but the boys didnt mind as we set them out. Emily placed the mash on the table as well and also dished out a tray of chips. Now I understand why she said they eat alot. They all ate like they have never seen food before. Even Jake was stuffing his face after saying a thank you to Emily.

"Would you like anything?" Emily asked as we leaned against the counter watching the boys.
I shook my head.
"You sure, not even a sandwich or hot chocolate?"
"No thank you" I mumbled, smiling at her.
"Well I'm here If you do need anything?"

I was really starting to like Emily. She was so kind and careing she never even noted how it was all my fault with Jake and Sam. Probably just trying to be nice.

"Bella" Emilys voice pulled me out of my daze. "It wasnt your fault"

Yes ino dont kill me! Its so short but... ok i have no excuse I just cant write anymore right now!! Comment, fan and vote. Tell me your thoughts, fanks. Xoxo

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