Cinema trip

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Sorry took so long to update! I had a piece of coursework to hand in. Hope you like :-D X

Dinner at the blacks was great. Sue Clearwater came over with her two children, Seth and Leah. I mostly sat and talked with Jake, every now and then Seth would join into our chat. Leah didn't say anything though, she seemed down and a little depressed. I know how she feels. Harry, Sues husband, Charlie and Billy had fun making fun of me, bringing up really embarrassing memories. "I heard a loud crash and turned around to see her sprawled on her back on the floor" Billy stated between his laughter and everyone went up in fits. "I told her not to do it but she insisted" I couldn't help it, I was young and dancing on my stool, stupid thing broke. My whole face had now turned into a tomato. "Leave me alone!" I huffed down into my seat pretending to be angry, I was more embarrassed than angry. "Come on Bella" warm arms wrapped around me, only one person could make me feel like that. "It was only a Joke, a little fun" Jakes warm breath blew in my ears, I rested my head on his shoulder. "I was young, why don't they talk about you?" He hugged me tighter and pulled me onto his knee. I didn't care that everyone could see us, he was warm. "Because you missed out on all this over the years, I got it when you were never here" I looked back up at him and nearly got lost in his deep brown eyes. I shook myself out of it and put on my puppy dog eyes, "Can you make it stop?" I really don't want to be stuck bright red for the rest of my life. "No" I deepened my eyes puking my lips, probably looking like a right freak but it works in the movies.

"Honey that only ever works in movies" a soft ring of a girls' voice rang in my ears. Everyone was quiet as I looked at Leah. She was the one that spoke, It must have been her because Seth could never had got that high pitched. "It might work" I smiled softly at her and got a weak one back. Turning to Jacob I started my puppy dog eyes again. He wasn't looking at me but purposely ignoring my stare. "It also only works if he looks" her voice was slightly brighter. "He just wont look" I gritted between my teeth. My light puppy eyes turned more into a demanding stare and to be honest I don't even know why I'm doing it any-more.

"Jakes not as fun as you Bells." My glare directed on Charlie and everyone held in stiff giggles. "Fine! Bully me,Leah's the only one who understands what I go through" I walked over to her and sat on the arm of her chair. Everyone was staring at me wide eyed and mouth open. What's there problem? Leah was just staring at the ground looking deep in thought.Conversation started again after a while, Jake didn't look into his conversation, he kept looking over at me but I ignored him. "How you doing Leah?" I hadn't said anything to her all day and it was a little rude. I looked up, like she was pulled out of a daze. "Not the best, You?" her voice was low and hurt and you could hear that she was restraining tears.

"What's wrong Leah?" I rubbed her shoulder and moved closer to her. She nodded and wiped her eyes of the tears that had escaped. "I'm always free you know Leah" We never were best friends, I didnt really talk to her. Now that I think about it I feel really bad to just have ignored her like that. "Its alright" she chocked out and moved over, giving me more seat. Our conversation was light but something was defiantly wrong with her, she never said much to a sentence, just a simple answer. "Im heading off now Bells" Charlie called, walking over to me. "How you getting home?" he got a lift here from Harry and Sue. "You" Me, now the dad taxi.Sighing I left Leah saying a quick good bye, she didn't say it back, just a sad nod.

"You leaving with out saying goodbye?" Jake ran over to my car, were I was just getting in. I looked over his shoulder, "Sorry Bye Seth, Billy, Sue and Harry." sitting in the car again, he stood infront of me; stopping me from closing the door.

"I dont get a good bye?" If I didnt look at his face I would have thought he was sad and serious, but I did and he had his sunshine smile on. "No, now get away from my car." He didnt budge "Why not?" I pulled the door shut with force forcing him to move. I turned the car when Charlie got in and rolled down the window, "Because your a Bully, but I will give you one chance tomorrow.I want to go to the cinema with some friends. Invite who ever you want and come along" then I drove off without an answer.

The sky was foggy and wet on Saturday morning, A usual day in forks. Mike called earlier asking if I wanted to go out before hand but I nicely put him off. I don't want more trouble from Jessica and I don't see Mike as that sort of person, he is only a friend. "Bella, Jakes called. Said that the car was done and he's going to pick you up at seven." Guess we are going to the cinema at seven then. I started my homework's .I was ahead off everyone in school because I used to spend so much time doing it but now I am a little behind in some subjects.

Finding clothes for the cinema was hard, need more clothes and soon. I never went out so never needed them before. A car horn sounded and I threw on the closest jacket running out the door. "Bye dad" I got a muffled reply, as usual a game was on. The car looked great, the paint really smartened it up. "This is really cool Jake, your a great Mechanic."

"Thanks Bells" We meet mike outside the cinema. "Angela and Ben cant come; Ben doesn't feel well and Angela's with him." he said as we walked up to him.There's been a bug going around school for days now, poor Ben. "What about you Jake?" I asked.

"No, Quil's grounded and I don't know were Embry has went to.Hasn't been in school for days" Maybe he has this bug to, but I guess its just us.

We chose a horror movie. Apparently it was really scary but Jake wanted to see what it was like. Me and Jake were bent over laughing at it, the peoples expressions were hilarious but Mike didn't think so. "I'm going to puke" He ran out of the room and I went after him. "It wasn't that bad" Jake said, obviously not wanting to leave the movie. "Go check if he's OK" I asked.. He reluctantly nodded and went into the mens room. I sat in the waiting area for him coming back. He returned with a pale Mike behind him, sweat was dripping of him. "Are you OK?" He looked awful, like he was going to drop any second. "I just need a lift home" he could hardly even speak.

Jake give him a lift home quickly. Driving way past the speed limit not wanting Mike to throw up in his car. "Thanks, I will get my car in the morn-" He couldn't finish his sentence because he started to throw up again. "I hope you get well Mike" I yelled to him as he went into his house. Jake drove me home "Thanks for the lift Jake, It was great." It really was great,haven't had that much fun in ages. I bent over to give him a hug and noticed how warm he was. "Wow, Jake are you OK?" I placed a hand on his forehead and it was boiling. "I feel a little ill, not much" I looked over him just to make sure he wasn't trying to be brave, he seemed fine. "You should really go see a docter Jake" I give him a kiss and stepped out of the car. "Hey Bella" He called. "Yeah Jake?" he learned forward "I wont leave you bella, I'm always here. Just wanted you to know" My heart swelled and a blushed appeared. He was being serious and I could see how much he liked me in the emotion of his eyes, he might even love me.

Even if he only does like me I know myself that I have just feel in love with him.

Hope you like! I really am sorry it is so short but I got a lot to do and I dont really know what am writing! Please comment and update.

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