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Brushing my teeth i stared at myself in the mirror. What will he think of me? Have i changed much sense i last saw him. Putting back the tooth brush i looked at the new tight jeans id bought and red shirt. I smiled at how I had come to wearing this outfit. Jake had picked it out and had practically rubbed it all over him self so that i would smell like him. I rolled my eyes at how possessive he was, but i didn't mind. I would love to shove it in Edwards face what he has lost. But would he even care?

Snap out of it Bella, you don't care what he thinks.  I ran my hands though my wild hair before walking back into the bed room. Jake was sitting on the bed rubbing his tired eyes. I would miss him today. Looking up at me his Wolfy grin was infectious and i couldn't help my own shy smile. As he opened his arms in an hug I bounded at him, tackling him to the bed. His laugh rumbled through his chest as he squeezed me tight.

"I'll miss you." he said kissing my temple. " Please try to avoid him" His voice darkened with anger and i only nodded in agreement, cuddling him tighter. 

"Are you not going to school?" I asked pulling back looking at his face. He was now wearing his jeans but had yet to put his shirt on. Cant say i minded, his stomach was amazing but i didn't want others to see it. I frowned, especially not girls.

He shook his head "I couldn't concentrate anyway, knowing your with him" his voice fell to a whisper "and i need to talking to the pack before i go back"

I leaned forward, resting my forehead on his, "I'm not with him, I'm with you. I'm sorry things are like this, i wish it could be easier."

He groaned and kissed my nose standing up and realising me. "I know, i should leave now. I don't want you to be late"

"Jake" i walked forward and and grabbed his bicep as he walked towards the window "Are you angry with me?"

"I'm upset that's all" he grumbled, ripping his arm out of my grip and heading towards the window again.

"Please don't be" I whispered, knowing he could hear, "Ill be thinking of you"

"Yeah, okay" then he was gone, his big form disappearing from sight.

I sighed rubbing my eyes. Hes upset, really upset. About Edward? or maybe even the pack? I wasn't to sure but there was defiantly something eating at him. I knew that much.  I grabbed his shirt that was on the floor where he threw it last night. I sniffed his woodsy sent as i folded it. I loved him dearly, he had no reason to be worried about Edward. It will only ever be him. Sitting the shirt on my bed, i grabbed my books and ran down stairs picking up a granola bar on my way to my trusty truck.

School was quite as I drove in, most people where probably making there way to class. Parking the truck I spotted Edwards Volvo. Ignoring it I ran into my first lesson. Angela greeted me as I sat down, giving me a worried look. She didn't get to comment on my absence yesterday as the teacher started the lesson.

"Are you alright?" Angelas voice pulled my out of my thoughts as I searched the hall for Edward or any of the other Cullen's. We were making our way to lunch and I had yet to see him today. Not that i wanted to, I was looking for him so I knew which direction to run from.

"Yeah, im fine" I finally answered giving her a reassuring smile as we entered the canteen. It must have been better than expected as she didn't question me anymore. I grabbed i light lunch, and sat down at my usual table. Jessica smiled smugly at me before continuing her conversation again.

"Hey Bella," mike smiled "You look different"

I blushed and pulled my shirt down a little more "Thanks" i whispered.

"Your blush is really cute"  he continued.

I blushed more if that was possible and i heard Jessicas tell tale huff, slowly I started eating my sandwich to distract myself.

"Maybe hes not in today" Angelas voiced was filled with relief and I knew who she was talking about instantly.I shook my head as I finished chewing.

"I seen his car when i pulled in" i mumbled quietly taking another bite.

"Could have been one of the others?" She whispered only picking at her food. She was worried about me to. My gaze lifted of the table to her. She really was a great friend. She looked at me questionily and i just smiled at her causing her to blush. For once it wasn't me.

"So" Jessicas voice was unusually loud, "Edward came up to me today and asked to be lab partners" my gazed lifted to hers as i sighed in relief. oh wait going by her smug look am i supposed to be jealous?

"How could he do that?" mike asked.

"I don't know. He just said that he wanted to change seats and the receptionist let him. Like who wouldn't he is gorgeous and i think we would get on really well" she pointedly looked at me and i smiled back.

"So mike" i said " I guess your my new lab partner!" I said dramatically. Jessica suddenly glared, hadn't thought of that one had you.

Mike grinned "Yep, am i going to your desk or are you coming to mine?" he asked.

I was about to speak before Jessica interrupted "Edwards moving to mine, he wanted to be away from the window and to the back of the class" she winked and I laughed at her. 

"What?" she glared.

"nothing" i mumbled trying to cover my smile.

I felt slightly more relaxed as I walked into Biology. I wouldn't be sitting beside him and that pleased me to no end. At least i wouldn't have to endure that. However i wonder the reason for why he moved? Maybe he will leave me alone? 

I walked down to my usual seat and smiled as Edwards was not in the room yet, i was one of the first to arrive. As i lent over and pulled out my books the door opened again and i ignored the sound placing my books on my desk. 

"Isabella" his velvet voice made maybe... was that good or bad? Bad, and he called me Isabella to which only fired my anger.

"Edward" I said, surprised how strong my voice was.

He sighed before speaking "so you heard about the move?" He asked, my reply was a nod, "and your not angry at me are you? I just think it would be more convenient for us" 

Then i made the wrong move and stared up to look at him. He was beautiful, pale perfect skin, bright eyes and smooth lips. Shaking my head I closed my eyes and looked again, he was a sight but he was a monster and my Jake had more on him anyway. There were nothing alike with Jacobs  tanned skin, kind brown eyes and warmth of the sun. Compared to Edward... cold and even dead.

"No hard feelings Edward" I said finaly and he graced me with that crooked smile that used to make me faint.. literally. He nodded and left, going to mikes old seat at the back of the room to be new partners with Jessica? Of all people? That had went better than planned anyway, no burning holes in my chest, no crying or screaming. I wonder should i have brought up the shower incident? Then again school isnt really the place to start a fight with a vampire. I laughed at the thought.

As the class started to fill up I wondered about Jake? Where is he? He went to see the pack and the last time he saw them he fought with the alpha. The first fight had been bad enough but i second? How are we going to get out of this situation?

Mike walked in and sat beside me just as the lesson started. A few minutes later a piece of paper was pushed my way from his direction. 

'SO' it read, i frowned at it before writing back 'so what?'

'Its cool us being partners right? :)' was the reply. I can see how this is going to get annoying.

Okay is shorter... But its a update :D. 

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