The Beach

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Chapter 8

"Can we go to the beach?" Angela asked. We have been sitting on my old computer for a while now looking up the shops in Seattle.
I nodded and shut the computer down. "La Push?"
"Yep, Jessica went last week and she says there some really cute guys there"
I raised my eyebrow at her, when did Angela start caring about boys? 
"Not for me, you!"
I rolled my eyes "I think I'll stay single"

She pouted and put on her Jacket "This will really help the new Bella" Yes I told Angela about the big change I was doing. She seemed OK with it; she even said she would change a little to.
"The new Bella is not a boy's toy" She sighed then spiked back up to her normal self. "Well, we can still look"
Laughing I put on my own Jacket and went down the stairs with Angela behind. Charlie was sitting in his chair watching the game.
"We are going to La Push Dad" He looked up from his game and smiled at me. "Are you going to see Jake?" He asked. My mood dropped. I've been trying not to remember Jake. I left my face blank and answered with no emotion. "No, were going to the beach." He nodded his head and didn't say anything else.

"I'll be back for dinner" I called out as I walked out the door.
"Who's Jake?" Angela asked when I had pulled out of the drive. The blanket I had thrown over the fire was fading the more he was mentioned. Oddly I wanted to see the wolf again.
"He's just a friend" My words were weak. I had never told Angela about Jake well not technically; I said his name once when we were going to the cinema.
"And he lives in La push" I nodded, my eyes focused on the road. "Why don't you go see him?" I wanted to tell her about are argument, to get it all off my chest but I don't think I'm ready for that. I can hardly bare hearing his name. "We fell out a few days ago" It didn't feel like days more like months even years. It was silent for a while and I could here her shuffling in her seat. "Sorry" she finally mumbled. I pulled into the beach car park and looked over to her. Her head was down and a blush on her checks. "There is nothing to be sorry for Angela." I wrapped one arm around her shoulder. "Now come on. Let's have some fun."

We took off are shoes and walked along the edge of the water. We didn't bring any swimwear, it would have to do.
"What we going to do later?"  I shrugged and pulled my trouser legs up. "We have to do something. Do you have any good movies?" I thought threw all the movies in my head. I don't have a lot. "A couple but there old"
"That's ok we can rent some out off the store"
"What type of movie you want?" Please not be romance, please!
"Something with guys that look like that in it" I stopped and stared at her but her eyes were glued on something ahead. I turned to see who she was staring at. There were three guys ahead with no shirts on. I couldn't see them well but they were tall and obviously worked out.
"Think there the guys Jessica was talking about?" Angela whispered.
"Not unless there's some hotter." She let out a little giggle.
"Think we can get a little closer?" I stared wide eyed at her. "Don't look at me like that. This is my changing"

"You're meant to change for the better!"
"This gives me confidence" I rolled my eyes at her.
"You just want to stare at them.
"Who wouldn't?" I giggled and started walking again.

I had only taken a few steps when Angela started whispering in my ear. "Hot Dude staring at you." I didn't react just kept walking and staring at the ground. "Don't you even want to look?" I shook my head and shrugged. He's probably thinking I'm such a loser. Why do I always think so low of myself? Oh yeah two guys left me. I don't need a third. "Well if you don't want to look I will describe. Super hot and tanned with short brown hair. Don't know how to describe his face but it's cute and tough at the same time. Gorgeous brown eyes, Tall and muscled. He looks sort of desperate staring at you and big dark rings around the eyes. Now that I look away from the hotness he looks depressed."

"He sounds great" my voice dripped with sarcasm. I smiled a little when she said he looks depressed. I know it's sad and evil but at least I'm not the only one who's depressed. "He is great. You have to look. Ohh he's smiling, its getting bigger and now full blown smile" I burst into giggles at her enthusiasm. The more she was saying the more I smiled. 
"Your a weirdo" I looked up from were I was staring at my feet and lightly pushed her shoulder. She used to be shy and now she's stalking guys. "I know. Know look" she grabbed my head and turned my head around to the where the guy apparently was staring. I stopped and all emotion dropped from my face.

"Isn't he cute?" Angela whisper screamed. "Well they are all cute. Which one do you like best?"

My mind was racing and before I could stopped myself I said "Jacob Black" it sounded like some demented person. Thankfully it was only a whisper and he couldn't hear.

"That's Jake?" I slowly nodded still staring at him. His mates behind him were giving him sorrowful looks. Well one was pretending to be sick. "Jakes hot!" I smiled a little and Jake lips turned up also. It wasn't like he was smiling at me but he was smiling at me smiling. Isn't that a little creepy? What am I talking about creepy, I dated a vampire. I had actually nearly forgotten about that. My thoughts were interrupted by Angela "He's coming over!"

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