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I jumped into my truck and rushed for school. I was late, haven't slept that peaceful in ages. My mood was brighter than It was yesterday, I decided I make an effort today.I feel slightly bad for ignoring everyone but I really wasnt in the mood, I wanted to be alone. I walked into class and sat down beside Angela. "Hi" My voice was lower than I wanted but I had no Idea how to talk to Angela again, I felt so stupid; who doesn't know how to talk to there friends? I really have neglected life haven't I? She smiled brightly at me, better than I expected. "Hey Bella, how are you?" concern was written all over her face,I let out a sigh, at least I don't have to start the awkward conversations. "Better. Sorry I have been ignoring you" I looked down ashamed and a blush was on my cheeks. "It's all right, I've missed you Bella"

Classes until lunch was the same, boring, I wanted to see Jacob as soon as possible,I felt empty with out him and craved his warmth. Nobody had mentioned my sudden socialness but lunch was different. "Bella, when did you decide to talk" Jessica snared at me. I really don't know what I have done to her. "When I learnt to" I was getting annoyed by her stares and nasty comments about me when she knew I could hear but my words shocked even myself and I began to pick at my sandwich avoiding her gaze. "Oh attitude" I'm not taking this, I left the table and sat outside in my truck. What did I do to her? I did nothing!

Biology brought back my depression. The empty chair always hit me hard. Where HE used to sit, the stinging pain in my chest increased. Going back into my depression I faked ill to get out of P.E. Still hate that class, my balance will never change.I told the nurse my stomach was sore and my head hurt, it was a great advantage with my pale skin. She let me out early. When I was in my truck I wrapped my arms around my chest again, his pale skin, i kicked myself out of these thought, he's gone, never going to come back. This hurt more than before and I wrapped my arms tighter pressing my chin into my chest. Once I could bare the pain I went straight to the closest car shop; to get paint for Jacobs car. I got Blue, red and Black; I have no idea what colour Jacob will like but this is the best I can think, a wide range of fairly usual colours. I drove straight to his house, excited to see him again.

I walked up to the house, being careful not to trip with my bag of paints. When the door creaked open Billy told me Jake was in the garage. I stumpled over the unsmooth path to the garage where the door was open and the lights lit. He was sitting with some car part in his hands, all his clothes were covered in oil, his hair was a mess in all directions and matted in oil. "Heya Jake" being in his company already numbed my pain. He looked up and came over giving me a hug, swinging me around. I love Jake for his hugs, there so warm and make you feel loved, unlike HIM. The tingles from yesterday were still there and I never wanted to let go of him. I rested my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around his waist "I brought the paints" at this moment I didn't really care if we painted the car or not, I would stay here all day. Jakes breath was blowing on my head and I felt the tingles in my hair with each exhale, it only helped me to relax more. "Lets get going then" He pulled back and I reluctantly let go.

We got to work on the car quickly, Jake had it all pulled apart only leaving the main body. "I will paint this main bit, it will have to dry first before we put the other parts back in it" I pulled out the paints and showed them to him.

"What colour?" I asked

"Black, for the body" I wanted him to chose that. I pulled it open splatting my self with the paint. I should have put on old clothes but it was a bit late now, I was having fun with Jacob. "Should you not put something down on this floor to stop it from getting all messy?" I questioned. I had all ready splatted it and that was only opening the tin.

"It needs a paint job" I looked over to Jacob who was cleaning the parts for painting, he was so care free and let me have my fun, unlike him. Since when did I find something wrong with him? I thought he was perfect but there's a fault. I quickly got painting trying to remove all the old rust as well as the lines. "You should have de-rusted this Jacob" I said mock angrily to him, he knew I was only joking. " do it your self" I went to point my paint brush at him but the paint came off and splatted over him. I bit my bottom lip, holding in my laughter but there was no way I could hold in my blush.

"Ohh your getting it" He ran over to me and I tried to run away but my attempt was pointless, In no less than two seconds he had caught me, arms around my waist and pulled my against his chest. I felt protected here although he just chased me. Why was I having these feelings for Jacob, he was only a friend. He spun me around and I stared into his deep brown eyes. No,he's more than a friend and I have been to stupid to not realise. Who couldn't like Jacob? He had a strong build and the best personality. He was beautiful. I looked over his facial expression and stopped on his lips.

I hadn't even realised it but I was moving in and the next thing I know is I feel his lips brush across mine. The sensation was warm and soft and didn't last for nearly long as what I would have liked.I moved back an inch and ran my tongue over my lips, i could taste him, he was like pine and freshness. A new start, what I needed. He moved closer again and I had no compliant. Edward, who's Edward? Stupid dead rock he was. Another fault, he's dead. I moved my lips perfectly against his, nothing could be this good. No one made me feel like this, not even Edward. I always put myself down, thinking that he was better than me. Another fault, he's to perfect. Jacob and I were on the same level, perfect for each other. My back was pushed against a tree and the kiss deepened. Had  I managed to get out to the forest before he caught me? I didn't care. My breath was running out but I didn't want to stop however I had to, lungs needed oxygen. I pulled back, breathing heavily, and leaned my head against the tree with my eyes closed. I could here his rough breathing as well.

"I'm going to run after you more often"I giggled and opened my eyes to stare into his. "We need to paint the car" I got out of his arms and grabbed my paint brush back of the ground were I had threw it and started painting as if nothing happened. That was the best thing in my life.I shyly turned around back to Jacob who was shocked by my sudden move. I don't no why I even did it myself probably brain over load.

The car was done just before it was dark. Jake and I were talking normally and the kiss was never mentioned. "So, wait until it dry's now" I stood up and brushed my hands against each other, they were completely black and would take days to come off. "What about these?" Jacob asked, pointing to the parts. "I will have to do them tomorrow; i need to go and make my dad dinner now" He turned around with a sad face "You have to go?" I sadly nodded, I didn't want to go either but Charlie can't cook for himself, he'd burn the house down. Jake took my hand and walked me to my truck. "Thanks for that Bells" I smiled and give his cheek a light peck and opened my car door. He held the door open when I sat "About that... Kiss, I don't want to rush you Bells, when ever you need me I will be here" There was a blush on my cheeks as well as his "Thanks Jake" He nodded and smiled closing the door. I waved and drove off. Am I loving Jacob more than Edward? Hell Yeah.

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