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Slowly I began to come around. My head had was pounding and even the sound of dripping water made me want to hide my head behind a pillow. Slowly opening my eyes little dark dots danced around my vision. Groaning I closed my eyes once again, breathing in to prepare for round two. That dog is really getting on my nerves, constantly yapping. Wait ... what! My eyes flashed open completely forgetting about my once sore head. I was in the bathroom, sprawled on the floor. Edward.Jumping up I stumbled and had to support myself with the sink. Wheres Jake? I panicked looking around but his large form was not in sight. The dog noise returned once again, sort of like a cry that pulled at my heart, stumbling my way to the door the noise increased and then only intensified when i rested my shoulder against my bedroom door.

I let out a sigh as I walked to the window. Trying to gain my balance the best I could before i confronted him,because then he would only panic. Quickly flatting my top and then, running my hand threw my hair, I winced slightly but It wasn't to bad. Slowly peeking out behind the curtain I could just about see his tail. It was lying flat on the ground, not even wagging slightly, how i miss that waggy tail. Moving over even more his body came into view. Lying on the ground, head between his paws eyes closed, and every once in a while letting out a cry that nearly made me cry with him. He has been threw to much, how comes when things begin to look up we end up tumbling back down? One step forward, two steps back they say.

"Jake" I whispered, I didn't bother to call out to him, he could hear me just fine.
His head snapped up and those warm brown eyes stared into mine. I could feel his guilt and regret pour between us in that look and I tried to emit as much love into mine as I possibly could. "Come inside please" I smiled, trying to reassure him of any of his worries.
He didn't move, just kept staring. After a moment he stood up, I grinned at him and went to step away from the window when he turned and ran into the forest. I froze for a moment after his large furry figure disappeared into the trees, only leaving a few restless leaves at his exit.

Maybe my smile didn't work. I stepped back and closed the window, slightly in a daze, as I walked and threw myself onto the still unmade bed. Staring up at the ceiling, I didn't feel nearly as bad as what I thought I would. After a moment of pointless staring I decided to get up and continue cleaning. Grabbing new sheets and I made the bed, something I had neglected doing for a while. I was slightly disappointed that Jakes scent would not be on these new sheets, or is that just creepy? I have a werewolf for a boyfriend and a vampire for an ex, thats the least thing I need to talk about being creepy. Quickly changing my old clothes into a pair of sweets and a T-shirt, nothing attractive at all, I grabbed the dirty clothes and the clothes from the bathroom to go in the wash. I faltered abit at the door but beat it back and walked in anyway. Why would he get a shower in my house? Now thats creepy.

Turning the wash on and sorting out the clothes I had took out earlier I took them up to the rooms. While I was cleaning the rest of the kitchen my head was in wonderland, trying to think everything through but getting nowhere. I wondered where Jake had gone? I have know doubt that he would be coming back, that is on thing I can rely on. I just wish things could be easier. With Edward back, what would happen? I don't want him back maybe if i confronted him he would leave? But then again he might not even want me back and I could completely embarrassing myself by saying that. Then again why would he be in my room? What about Angela? Did she not see the blood on my shirt? or even hear the shouting? I can't keep my best friend in the darkness forever can I?

Sighing I set down the cloth and looked around. The house was spotless and I was in such a daze I don't even remember doing it. I glancing at the clock, It was one in the afternoon. Walking into the living room I switched the Tv on and quickly grabbed the phone out of my handbag on the floor. Unsurprisingly there were no messages, not even from Angela. Walking back to the sofa and I looked through the contacts to find her name, I'd send her a quick message. Maybe she would say something about yesterday. As I went to sit on the sofa I cried out as my behind did not touch soft cushion, but a hard body. I would have cried the house down if I didnt hear the husky laugh. It sent warm shivers down my spine and warmed my heart with it. I beamed as I turned to stare at him, casually lying across the sofa his hair messed in every direction and only a pair of shorts on. Damn my wolf had a body!

Quickly blushing I looked away and discarded the phone on the side table.
His returning smile was amazing, bright and carefree, one i had missed. " I wondered when you would notice I was here" he chuckled sitting up, the muscles in his arms flexing. Now i'm the creep.
"How long where you here" I whispered, still trying to control myself as I sat beside him, he curled his arm around me, Pulling me into his warm embrace and also very naked torso. If possible my blush increased but I didn't dare move, I loved his touch and how safe it made me feel.
"Not long" he kissed the top of my head and then rested his chin on my shoulder "how are you?" his voice had lost his happy streak and was full of regret. Pulling his arms closer to me, I snuggled in even further.
"Fine, don't worry"
"Sorry I just was soo.."
"Shush" I hushed turning rather awkwardly to face him, our faces only inches apart, I could feel his breathe on my face and it was making my dizzy. "I understand, Don't worry"
Nothing else was said after that, before he leaned in and kissed me. Something i had been silently begging for. His kisses made my knees weak, luckily I was lying down with his strong arms around me otherwise I would be sprawled on the floor in pure bliss.

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