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'Jack change it to hearts' I glared at the card as it was placed on the not so neat pile then lifting my glare to Jacob. His cheeky smile warmed me and and i struggled to keep the glare in place. We where sitting on the floor playing Jack change it, i was on my last card but now i have to lift another since he ruined my strategy by changing the suit. This is our fourth game and i have yet to win. Bella not pleased.

I smiled as i saw the card i had collected, two of hearts, this should put him back.  I have to win this one! His movement from the corner of my eye lifted my head and the glare returned full force when i noticed he was picking up a card from the deck. He didn't even have a heart! 

His grin only deepened my glare but I'm sure he saw the amusement on my face, i just couldn't be angry at him. Which was very annoying. "what?" he says sitting back and glancing at his new card, his grin breaks into a full blown smile nearly knocking me back on how amazing it looks on his face. My glare just melts away but rapidly returns with his next words 'couldn't let you win now'

"Why must you be so mean" i grumble leaning over to set down my card. "last card" i mumble smirking at him. As i glance up the look he is giving me has my defense on alert. The smirk that graces is face means one thing... he has something planned.

Then he does something that i dreaded. He placed down a two of spades.

"no!" i shout staring at his two, wishing my mind powers will make it disappear! "I hate you!" i shout as i pick up another four cards. Grumbling to myself I look them over as he chuckling. Hardy Har Har so funnny. It wont be funny when i beat him on the head with them. Although i doubt that will even hurt him, which only dampens my mood more.

I look up at him again once i have finished looking over my new army of cards. Hes staring at me, the amusement clear on his face and the only thing i can think of doing is sticking my tongue out at him. Mature i know.

"sorry" he whispers placing and eight of spades on the deck, Just as im about to put down one of my new cards his hand grabs mine. The sparks shut up my arm and i yarn for more but i hold myself back. 

He leans closing so he nose brushes against mine "eight means skip a go" his minty breath washes over my face and i close my eyes as my head spins. He kisses my nose and lets me go and Then his words sink in.

"What!" damn it. I pull my hand back and glare at him once again. Its become a recent thing now.

"pick up two" he smiles pointing to the deck

"what why?" my army's big enough thank you!

"pick up two for being stupid" His grin widens

"That's not a rule" Hes cheating and making all of the rules up. I offered to play cards he choice the game. "you Lie"

"no, i don't" he laughs "don't be a sore loser" he grabs two of the top of the deck and hands them to me.

"No, I'm not taking them" I spin around on my bum so my back is facing him. "its a stupid rule"

"yes, maybe" he laughs "but it is a rule"

"i change the rules"

"Now that's cheating" Hes voice is right behind my left ear and i resist the urge to move. I will not back down. As his arms slowing snake around my waist and slightly grip my elbows as my arms are crossed. His thumbs run circles on my arms, The heat of his touch burning me in such a pleasant way. As he shuffles closer his knees are on either side of my hips, he chest flush against my back.  

"Why don't you" and stops and kisses my neck " take these" another kiss closer to my ear "two cards" he whispers kissing just below my ear " so we can keep playing" His teeth graze my ear and he slowing begins to trail kisses back down my neck. I cant help but sigh and relax, leaning against him, tilting my head to the side to give him more room. His hands move down my arms leaving a burning trail in their path, he pulls my arms apart lifting them both as i still grip my army of cards. His lips make there way but up my neck as i moan and lean in further into his strong chest, surrounded by his strong arms as they place two more cards in my army.

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