Coming over

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Chapter 1

It's been one month since HE left me. I still can't believe it; he just left me, in the middle of the forest. I'm thankful that Sam saved me but some times I just wish I could be dead, to get rid of the pain. The pain of losing him is to much to bare, it's like he ripped my heart out and left me bleeding. "Bella, why don't you go see Jacob. You haven't seen him in a while." My dad, Charlie, asked at the dinner table. He's been worrying about me this last month. I haven't been eating much and I don't talk to my friends anymore, I don't want to do anything that reminds me of him. He is right though; I haven't talked or even seen Jake since the prom. I nodded at my dad "Yeah, I will have to go see him" I really missed Jake, his bright smile and always happy mood. "That's good, you need to get out more often Bella" I nodded again and continued eating.

We didn't talk through the rest of dinner. I grabbed my dad's dish as well as mine, taking them over to the sink and began washing. "I think I'm going to call Jake, see if he's in" The idea of seeing Jake again brightened up my mood a little and I couldn't wait to see him. "That's great Bella, be careful driving" I dried the dishes and placed them back in the cupboard. "I will dad, don't worry, I will be home soon" He smiled at me and went into the living room, probably to watch T.V. I grabbed the phone and called the Black house. "Hello" I gruff voice answered. "Hello, Billy is Jacob there?" My voice sounded more cheerful than usual. "Bella? How are you?"

"I'm fine Billy, how are you doing?" I was extremely shocked by my own happiness and I didn't know why. "I'm good Bella; I will get Jacob for you now?" The phone was quiet for a while and then Jacobs husky voice came on "Bella, I missed you" I let out a low giggle, I quickly covered my mouth with my hand I haven't laughed or even smiled in ages. Why am I reacting like this? "I missed you to Jake, you free tonight?" I was still shocked by my own little giggle to say any more. "Yeah Bella, you gonna come over?" I nodded my head but then realised he couldn't see it "Yeah, I am Jake, you don't mind do you?" I didn't want to interrupt if he was doing anything although it would be a great disappoint if he was. "No Bella, come down now" My mood brightened up "Yeah, Jake I'm on my way. Bye"

I grabbed my keys of the bed side table. I had quickly changed into a pair of plain Jeans and a top, fixing my hair. Making me, for the first time in a month, somehow nice looking. "I'm going to Jake's now dad" I called as I opened the front door. "Bye" his reply was short, too interested in the game to give a proper reply. Jumping into the truck, I turned on the heating. Its cold out tonight and I think the roads might frost over. I was greeted by the trucks load roar as I turned the key, carefully reversing out of the driveway. I only faintly remember where Jake lives, but I headed toward first beach to see if I new my way from there. The sea was calm tonight and the moons light reflected of it beautifully. I drove up to the old red house, Jacob's house. The rooms were brightly lit and the back garage lights were also glowing in the dark. I jumped out of the trucks warm cab, the wind blew my hair over my face and the cold give me Goosebumps. Pushing my hair out of the way I locked the car and headed towards the front door. "Bella!" Jake called as soon as I reached the door; I didn't get time to knock. "Cant breath!" he had grabbed me in a tight hug that nearly crushed me ribs. He pulled back and the blush was hard to see on his dark skin, but I seen it. "I missed you Bella" he smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back. With me smiling his smile widened but I'm not going to heal that easily, so my smile stayed small. "I'm cold" I chattered threw my teeth, I wanted Jacobs rib crushing hung back; it was warm. "Come in then" he stepped out of the way as I walked in to the living room.

Billy was sitting in front of the TV watching the same game as Charlie, he turned to me and give a friendly smile "Hello Bella" I greeted him and turned back to Jacob, who was leaning against the closed door.

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