Unseen Visiter

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Chapter 15

I woke up in the middle of the night. The moon shined threw my window, it was the only light. The bed creaked as I stood up and stretched. There was a sharp pain in my neck must be from the way I was lying. My steps sounded loud in the silence as I walked to the bathroom.

The flush of the chain made my head hurt. I wanted to be curled back up in the heat of my bed again. The door closed with a creak and a cold breeze blew past. I didn’t leave the window open did I?

I stumbled my way up to it. It was wide open. I’m sure I closed it earlier. Out side was empty. I closed the window with some effort. The room was even colder than before and I rubbed my arms to try and heat them. There was no light in the room as I stood in front of the window. It was impossible to see anything.

I had to watch my feet as I went back to bed. I fumbled my way to the bed and sat down. It didn’t lower with my weight as it normally does. Sitting up and down again it still didn’t change. It was like someone was already on my bed. My bones went brittle as my mind worked again. I didn’t open the window, someone else did, and they are on my bed.

I couldn’t see anything in the room to defend my self with. I usually relished in the darkness; it gives me my own space, everything else gets blocked out. Not now. I can’t see where anything is. That’s when I noticed the feeling, the feeling of completeness. Only one person can give me that feeling.

“Jake what are you doing in my room!” I screamed quietly so it wouldn’t wake Charlie.

There was a chuckle and I stared around to find him. Where is figure was showed even dark than the rest of the room. It was hard to see but he was there.

“I didn’t mean to scare you” The bed shifted and it wasn’t me. “I got the note.” His voice saddened at the topic. I smiled sadly. Jacob is so close to his dad. It must be killing him.

“Give us a real hug” I chuckled. Warm steel arms wrapped around me and pulled me towards a wall. I hug him as tight as I could back but he probably didn’t even notice. I breathed in his sent.

“You need a shower Jake” I whispered against him. He didn’t have his normal wood sent of pine and trees. He smelt like mud and smoke. His chest rumbled.  

“So, did you stalk me and wait till I was in the bathroom before you entered?” I was nearly sleeping against his chest; I had to talk to keep my self awake. I was forced to lie on Jakes Chest as he lay back. He was twirling my hair around his finger with an arm around my waist. My arms were clamped around his waist.

“The noise of you moving got my attention.” He whispered then kissed the top of my head. It made sense; he thought I was awake so he came in. He trailed his fingers down my side leaving an electric trail. It was like calming music.

“Good night Bella” he whispered, kissing my head again.

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