Strangers in the wood

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Chapter 13

I went back to the room and started sorting out the clothes. There was nothing I could do until they left. Angela came back to the bathroom and started to unpack her stuff as well. I liked the stuff I had got. It was going to be hard to get used to but it’s a change and that’s good.

“What’s the matter with Jake?” Angela asked. I knew the others were still down stairs so I had to limit my words.

“I don’t know really. Just upset about something.” It was the truth.

“Has he gone missing?”

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. “He knows were he is” I wasn’t going to make him come home if he didn’t want and I didn’t want anyone else to do it either.

“How do you know?” she questions. I had to think threw this answer. Maybe It was just me or did downstairs just get quieter?

“Jake knows this place better than anyone. He won’t get lost.” In my mind downstairs got louder.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to be rude” she smiled up at me and continued folding her stuff into her bag. There was a light pink shade to her cheeks.

“It’s alright” I smiled back. I didn’t mind as long as she stayed a friend. I knew I could trust her.

My stuff was now folded into piles of tops, trousers and Jackets. There were a few sets of shoes on the floor. I know all I have to do was get them into the cupboard.

I didn’t have much in there anyway since Arizona weather was different than forks. I piled all the old clothes I didn’t wear or didn’t like on the bed. The new ones fit in with plenty of space.

“Well that’s me.” I jumped on the bed were Angelia was lying reading my withering heights book again “What now?”

She set the book down and gave me a sad look. “You have to go now?”

“Yeah” she sadly nodded. “Ben wants to see me and I still have that Homework”

“That’s ok Angela.” I didn’t want her to leave but at the same time I did. Is that evil? I heard Harry’s car leaving earlier so they weren’t here. It was the perfect time to find Jake.

I gave Angela a hug before she left my house. Ben came to get her which I found nothing but cute.

“That her gone?” Charlie called.

“Yeah” I trampled back into the living room. Tiredness was starting to take over me. I hardly had any sleep last night; worrying.

“You don’t have to make dinner you know” Charlie looked over me. Dinner I had completely forgotten about. Jake would have to wait.

I stuck some stake in the oven and set some potatoes in a pot. “That will be ready soon Dad”

“Thanks Bells” he called heading up the stairs. I lay on the bad thinking things threw. Jakes a werewolf and so is his friends. There was something telling me in the back off my mind that I knew why but it wouldn’t come to the front. How was I going to find Jake was something else.  He always came to me, how was I going to find him, whistle. No he might be quite mad.

A bark came from the forest and my heart skipped a beat. I would have ran for the door but something got me thinking. That didn’t sound like Jakes bark, it was to rough. Jakes was always strong but gentle. This one was harsh. Should I check it out anyway?

My heart was screaming at me to see Jake. There was no invincible cord but I wanted to see him. My head on the other hand was telling me to stay. It is to confusing when your heart competes with your head. I’ll just go out and check, if it’s not him I can always run back.

“Were you going Bells?” Charlie asked as I stepped of the chairs.

“Just out back.” He nodded and went back to the T.V.

Please be Jake, Please be Jake. It wasn’t quite dark yet but it was getting there. The forest looked empty. He might be hiding from view. I was only just in the shade when the shadow appeared. It was a wolf but no feeling was there. It wasn’t Jake. My eyes widened and I stepped back planning to run to the house. It let out a low growl and advanced forward. Could I reach the house before it got me? Stepping closer it started to become clearer. It was smaller than Jake and not as well built but big enough to get me. The fact it was taller than a normal wolf, I knew it was a werewolf. The light reflected on its side and shimmered dark silver.

My feet wouldn’t move as I stared. It was getting closer and closer and there was nothing I could do. Its growls were getting louder and its face was about a meter from mine. It took a few more steps before stopping and growling at me. Bending down it growled straight in my face, sending its breath over me. My hands were shaking and my feet finally took a step back. I was pressed between a tree and it.

My heart tightened then released. The lonely feeling I had when I was with out Jake disappeared. Know is not the time to be messing up with me heart. Maybe it knew these were going to be its last beats. Another growl erupted from it. This one was more angered than before. I closed my eyes tight getting ready for the pain. It growled that angry growl again. There was another growl straight after but from a distance.

I opened an eye, why hasn’t he attacked yet. He was still there only backing away and baring his teeth at something on my left. That growl erupted from the left and the silver wolf growled back then ran away. I didn’t look to see what the creature was beside me, it sounded wolf. My eyes stayed trained on were he had run off. I could sense it getting closer. I closed my eyes again, now another one is going to kill me. Instead of shop teach biting into me I felt something wet slide up my face.

My eyes flew open and I spun around, wrapping my arms around my savers leg. My heart wasn’t messing up; it was just informing me Jake was near.

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