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Chapter 14

 “What took you so long anyway?” Billy shouted once Charlie couldnt hear “The Boys have been out looking for you and you kept running!”

It felt wrong to intrude and I tried to bring my hand back but Jake was holding it with to much force and it wouldn’t budge.

“It was only for a couple of days” Jake stated, it was a pointless argument.

“It felt much longer” Billy mumbled to himself. His face suddenly turned much sterner “You need to apologise and go back to the pack”

I tried even harder to pull my hand back. This was a personal topic between father and son. The packs business was none of mine. Jake tightened his hold a little and I put my full concentration on trying to remove my hand. I was tugging on his fist with my free hand and it loosened slightly but not enough for my hand to escape. The more I pulled the more irritated I got. He must have known I was trying to release my hand. I could hear them talking but it was only murmurs in the back ground.

His hand suddenly got tighter than before and I winced.

“Let her go Jake” Billy shouted.

Jake growled “you can’t tell me what to do”

My hand was going numb.

“You’re hurting her” Billy pressed.

“I would never hurt her!” Jake growled louder and his hands started to quiver slightly.

I was become frantic pulling on him. His hand released mine and I pulled back, holding it to my chest.

I could feel his eyes watching me and refused to meet his gaze. I had a bad feeling that he was upset.

“Sorry” his voice was hoarse.

I moved my fingers, glad that the blood could flow again, and finally looked at him. I was correct. His face was blank but his eyes were vulnerable.

“It’s alright” I smiled and grabbed his hand again ignoring how he flinched “Just don’t hold to tight”  

He smiled slightly and nodded turning back to his dad. His hand had no grip in mine and was lying limp. Maybe I should have just let him hold it before. It would have been ok. Guilt built in my heart. I didn’t mean to make him unhappy, now he thinks he has hurt me and it wasn’t even that bad. I just panicked in the moment.

“You need help Jacob” Billy said sternly.

I felt Jake tighten his hand only slightly before releasing it again. The guilt built even more, making my stomach feel uneasy. He was gripping my hand for support and I pulled back.

“Go back to the pack” it was more of a demand than anything.

I was angry at Billy for trying to force his son into this. It was obvious that Jake was still uneasy and he was demanding him to go back.

“Why does he need to go back?” I questioned quite sharply.

“Were you not listening Bella? Jake is the pack Alpha, I am not having my son make a fool out of himself in front of the council. He has to go back and do his duties”

Jake flinched at least three times during his rant. I squeezed his hand and smiled when I felt him squeeze mine back but my smile instantly turned into frown when I remembered Billy’s words.  

“Is this what this is all about? The council? It’s all about gaining respect?”

“No, its not” he breathed out “Jacob, you are the only thing I have left here. If you leave this pack, you are going to go somewhere else and I will have no one”

“I will not be going anywhere” Jake pressed, he paused for a while and looked at me “Well, anywhere she’s not”

Billy nodded in understanding while I stared at Jake in confusion.

“Well Bella” Billy turned to look at me with his stern look “You’re not leaving here”

I laughed a little awkwardly and took a small step into Jakes side. He was serious in his words and there was a deep threat behind them.

Jake growled and exchanged my hand for my waist.

“It was just a warning” Billy mused and laughed. “Head to sams, he feels bad, and the rest should be there”

Jake started to pull me towards were we parked the truck; he only shouted a small bye over his shoulder at his dad.   

He opened the passenger door before he got into the drivers seat. The engine started with its normal roar and Jake drove a little to fast away from the house.

“Jake, are you ok?” I reached over and placed my hand on his.

He breathed out deeply and pulled over into the edge of the forest.

“I feel like I’m going to explode” He breathed “But not in the wolf way” I moved closer and rubbed his shoulder. “It’s just too much”

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