Coming to terms

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OMG!! This is the second time uploading this because for some reason the stupid thing shut down on me and I lost it all!!!!!!  Hope you like it anyway.

He shook his head franticly and I had to grab his head tighter to try and stop him.

“Why not” my voice was harder than intended and I regretted it as soon as I saw his face. “Sorry, I just don’t understand”

He turned his stare to the floor. Sighing I sat down beside him. “Why aren’t you telling me Jake?”

“I don’t know how you would react” I was surprised he actually answered but glad he was at least talking again.

“It will be fine” I assured.

There was no reply again and I lay down on my back staring at the ceiling. I don’t like this closed Jake. He hasn’t explained anything and my head is in such a rush. Why do I feel like this though? Like everything is fine when Jake is around when I know its not. It makes no sense. If I was in a crowded room I would feel lonely because Jacobs not near. My heart senses him and everything turns to rainbows. My touch even calms him down. Something big has happened and he won’t tell me.

I closed my eyes tightly and felt the bed shift.

“Do you want me to leave?” I pained voice asked. I opened my eyes a little to see his face. I thought his voice was pained but his face was worse. It was like his world rested in my hands and with one word, I could crush it.

“No” my voice croaked. He sighed relieved and leaned against the wall crossing his arms.

“Your angry” he stated after a view seconds.

“No, I’m just confused” I groaned lying back again and covering my face with my hands. “I just don’t get it”

“I’m sorry” he mumbled.

I groaned again and propped my self on my elbows.

“Why not talk to them?” I asked softer than before.

“It’s just complicated”

“That’s your reason?”

“Yeah” he mumbled.

“You’re talking to them” I said as sternly as possible.

“Nope” he popped the ‘p’ and kicked the ground.



“Yes, you are Jacob”

“Only if you come” that stopped me short.

“No, no and no” I can’t talk to them. It was my fault Jake attacked Sam in the first place. I can’t just go there now that I know that.

“Come on” he begged. He grabbed my shoulders and shook my a little. “It’s the only way I will do it.”

“If it’s the only way…” I dragged out. I would rather Jake had his pack back before my discomfort.

“Thank you” he pulled my close and kissed my lightly on the lips. My brain was mush and collapsed in his arms.

“Sorry” he pulled back “I shouldn’t have done that”

I tried to steady my heart. “It’s ok” I rasped. “I’m fine” My lips burned from the heat still left on them. Even if it only lasted a second, it felt like fireworks.

“So you will come with me?” he asked for clarification.

I took a few steps back, my breath not back to normal yet “yes” I mumbled.

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