The day after

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Chapter 11


I didn’t want to have to move but I couldn’t sit out in the forest for too long. I wasn’t cold, Jakes fur helped me there, but I said I would only be out a few minutes.

“Shift Jake, I need to get up” I whispered down into the still wolf form Jake. I think I was taking the ‘Jacob is a werewolf’ very well. I haven’t gone running and screaming yet.

He gave a grumble but moved anyway. I felt like a smurf standing beside him. My head must have only reached his shoulder.

I looked dumbly around the forest. Great Bella, run and don’t know how to get back. Everything looked the same Tree, tree; tree, yeah u guessed, more trees.

“Do you know the way back?” I whispered.

He nodded his giant head and starting walking in some unknown direction.

The forest was hard to see and I was stumbling all the way back. At one point I thought it would be better if I just crawled. Jake was laughing at me. He was still in wolf form but he made that strange noise. We arrived at my house a little while later. I had no idea what I was going to say to Charlie about not having my car. If I said Jake give me a lift he would ask about what he said then what do I say? Jake hasn’t said anything because he was a giant wolf the whole night? Yeah, that will not go well.

Jake stopped at the edge off the forest opposite my house.

“I will see you later then Jake” I leant over and give him one last hug. Now was a perfect moment for a Bear hug from him but that’s impossible when you have paws. He knelt down and stared me in the eyes. His eyes were large and round. They were the same melting colour as the Jake I always knew.

“I missed you Jake” I whispered again before pecking him on the head were I could reach and running to the house.

As soon as his presence was gone I felt somehow empty. Charlie was sitting on the sofa as I came in.

“How did it go Bells?” he asked over the T.V

“Not the best but got better”

I could hear him shuffle in his seat and the T.V dropped volume. “What was it?” I knew he was just being a curious father but I would have preferred it if he didn’t ask that question.

“To be honest I still don’t know” why did Jake start fighting? There must be a reason, right?

“OK then Bells, I hope you got it sorted out” Yeah, so do I.

I trotted up the stairs and into my bedroom. Angela was lying on the bed reading my withering heights.

“How was it?” she asked, setting the book down the side of the bed.

I nodded and grabbed my pyjamas. It wasn’t an answer, I just can’t be bothered telling everyone the same story I didn’t know myself.

“Did you hear that howl?” she asked as soon as was about to go the bathroom. Must be talking about Jakes howl. “Sounded so sad” she continued.

“Yeah, poor thing” My voice was empty and sounded bored.

I changed in the bathroom and cleaned my teeth, splashing my face with water to try and brighten me up. Why did I feel so lonely? Even with Angela I just didn’t feel whole.

“You alright?” Angela asked as soon as I came back in. Why so many questions.

“I’m fine” I muttered, sitting on the edge off the bed.

“Are you sure?”

Rolling my eyes I nodded again. At least I know they care.

That night wasn’t the best night sleep I have ever had. Angela was sleeping on the bed so I took up sleeping on the floor. I still felt like something wasn’t right and spent have the night staring at the ceiling. The rain pounding on the window helped calm me but didn’t help in the sleeping business. I could help but worry if Jake was out there in that weather. Did he go home? All my worrying stressed my night but I tried to brighten up for the morning. Shopping today.

While Angela was in the bathroom I search my cupboards. I really do have a poor stock of clothes. All old and baggy. I put on a plain T-shirt and some Jogging bottoms with Trainers. There was a bark from outside. My heart warmed and I ran for the window, pulling it open and sticking my head out.

My wolf was standing in the shade of the forest staring up. Since when was he ‘my wolf’?

“Hi” I whisper called. The empty feeling was fading. Isn’t that odd?

He gave a small bark back. The bathroom door clicked open and closed. Angela must be coming back. “Got to go.” I whispered again. Shutting the window and sitting on the bed for when she comes in.

She stared at me with an odd look. “You look happy” she commented and walked over to set her stuff back in her bag.

“Do I?” I worked on making my face sad.

“That’s good. What are you doing?” she asked with a laugh when she looked up at me.

“Nothing” I smiled innocently. My sad face must have looked slightly random.

“Right” she dragged out the word and sat staring at me on the bed.

“Well, I’m going to get washed up.” I couldn’t stand the staring no more. Rushing to the bathroom I got freshened up. I could see my eyes were happier in the mirror; they had a little sparkle to them. My checks had a tint off pink as well.

I practically skipped to the bedroom. “Ready to go shopping” My voice shocked myself. When did I get so joyful?

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