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Once Paul arrived back I ran to the car with a try of food. Wasn’t very clever of me as I tripped and landed on him.

“Wow” he laughed straightening me up and grabbing the food “Someone missed me”

I blushed bright red and swatted his arm “Shut up” I mumbled in total embarrassment.

“Aww Bella” he feigned hurt holding his arm “That really hurt”

“That was the point” I turned and walked back into the kitchen to grab another tray.

Emily was just coming out “Pauls bulling me” I told her no matter how much I tried to keep the smile of my face I couldn’t help it.

She laughed shaking her head “I wont feed him, how about that?”

“WHAT!” Paul yelled.

Laughing a grabbed a tray. I could hear him talking to Emily but didn’t pay attention to hear the words.

When I left the kitchen Paul was in the car, glaring at me.

“He’s not allowed to talk to you” Emily informed me “so he’s huffing”

“That usually doesn’t stop him” Pauls one of those people that just keep going. I placed the food in the car and turned to her.

“It does when there is food on the line” she chuckled “What he would do for food”

I chuckled with her it was nice to feel no stress and just hang out. Its hard to believe I have only just met her.

Once all the food was in the car we drove up to the cliffs. I could feel the anxiety getting worse but I tried to do as Emily said and push it back. I would be with him soon. When I got out of the car I looked around but Jake was no were in sight. Emily had ran over to Sam, who was beside I large fire with rest of the pack. Something was telling to go into the forest but I ignored it and walked to the fire.

“You alright?” Embry asked.

His voice took me out of my day dream “Yeah” I mumbled staring at the forest were the pull was coming from.

“Jakes in there” he finally said.

My neck snapped around to him “He is?” that would explain the weird pull.

He nodded and sat down on one of the logs that circled the fire. “He went in there for a run”

I stared at the forest for a five minutes but it felt like half an hour. I wanted to go in and see him but I needed to give him space so I glued myself to the tree trunk beside Embry. The food was placed on a large table but no one was allowed any until everyone was here. Jared still hadn’t came back with his girlfriend Kim and Paul had got impatient and went to ‘hurry there asses up’ his words. Nobody mentioned Jake I didn’t no if that was a good thing or not.

“I’m going in to get him” I finally told Embry, the pull was to strong to ignore anymore and I missed him deeply.

“Good I’m really hungry” he smiled

I laughed and ruffled his hair before walking towards the forest. I was starting to regret it as I got closer. What if I didn’t find him and got lost. I kept walking robotically towards the pull. I would find him.

I wasn’t that far in the forest when I stopped. The leaves were rusting wildly and the trees groaned as they moved with the wind. The only light was the small shine that had found its way throw the trees. I sensed him near and all fear disappeared. Lowering my self onto the ground I lay down waiting for him to approach me, I didn’t want to push him. Closing my eyes I listened to the wind, every now and then a bird would cheep.  Something soft brushed against my leg but I stayed still pretending I never felt it. The heat that was radiating of him was amazing. As he lay down beside me I lay silent. A heavy weight landed on my stomach and I reached out running my hand over the soft fur. I felt his snout and ran my hand up over his eyes, feeling them close as I scratched his ear.

He let out a long sigh that rumbled his chest and his breath blew over my face. I giggled as he licked my hand.

“Yuck” I mumbled still smiling, wiping my hand on his chest. Finally I sat up and looked at him. His head was now resting on my legs, his eyes were closed and he looked peaceful. I buried my head in his neck drowning in his warmth and the feeling of being safe.

“Hurry up I’m hungry!!” someone yelled from the bonfire, my bets were on Paul.

I laughed as Jacob growled. “Come on boy” I patted his head, “I’m sure you are hungry to.”

He grumbled but sat up I stood up as well and kissed his snout. “Go change back, I will be at the fire” He ran into the shadows as I went back to the fire. No one noticed I was there until I sat beside Embry again.

“Is he ok?” he asked with honest curiosity.

“Yeah, he’s alright”

“Better hurry up” Paul growled “I’m starving”

Just as he spoke Jacob emerged from the forest at a jog. He was only wearing the cut offs and I had a hard time not looking at his chest. My cheeks were on fire as I stared at my fingers. When he reached me he winked and lifted me onto his knee as he sat down were I was.

I gave him a look den nodded my head at Embry. He got my point.

“I’m sorry I snapped at you man a lots been going on” He lifted his fist as Embry bumped his against it.

“It’s alright, I understand. It’s good to have you back” He patted Jakes back and then thanked me with his eyes. My only reply was a nod then I tucked my head into the crook of Jakes neck. He held my tighter and kissed the top of my head.

“Can we eat now? Please!!” I laughed at Paul and Jakes chest rumbled as well.

“OK” Emily said “But share” all the wolves dived for the food table except Jake who was still holding me.

I struggled out of his grasp and pushed him up “Go eat” I said pushing him towards the food. He grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me passionately.

“I’m trying to eat!” I voice yelled and I pulled back.

“Shut up Paul!” Jake threw back.

“Go” I insisted. He looked at me one more time before running for the food.

It was only then that I realised there was someone else here as well. She had long black hair and deep chocolate brown eyes. This must be Jared’s Imprint, Kim. She smiled shyly at me as I sat beside her.

“You must be Kim?” I said. She only nodded.

“Kim’s shy” Emily said sitting on the other side of her.

“She hasn’t said one word to me” Paul jived in with his face full of food.

“Close your mouth!” I shouted at him “and anyway I don’t blame her who would want to talk to you?”

“You know you do” He winked he was about to say more when someone hit the back of his head nearly making him spit out the food.

“Anyway” Emily laughed “we will soon take it out of her”

“Yep” I agreed wrapping an arm around Kim’s shoulder as Emily did the same.

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