Coming to the truth

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I am craving something sugary right now and I can’t have it so I am going to write this to keep my mind of it!

Chapter 11

I was woken by the cold air. I can’t be bothered getting up. I turned around and parted my eyes a little. Jake was pulling the window up and was about to jump out.

“Where are you going?” I whispered tiredly at him. It’s probably bad when you don’t care that your best friend was about to jump out a window but Jakes a wolf; he’ll survive.

He stepped away from the window and sat down beside me. “Charlie’s going to come in soon. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

I stared into his eyes. It’s strange seeing him back in human form. I looked down and stared at his bare chest, he was wearing the shorts Billy gave him.

“Yeah” he chuckled slightly embarrassed “I don’t get cold no more” that wasn’t the reason I was staring but that’s a good excuse.

“Well” I huffed, sitting up “I do and you took my heater” he was confused at first but realised what I was saying when I hugged him.

“I will come back later” he chuckled pulling away. He seemed reluctant which I smiled at. Maybe I’m being selfish but I love it when Jake does this like that; they show he does love me and wants to be with me. Is that bad? I don’t know if I love Jake. OK, that’s a lie, I do love Jake but can I be in a relationship yet?

“Charlie’s waking” he whispered. I felt his lips on my forehead and closed my eyes. When I opened them he was gone. Jakes so tall and masculine yet I didn’t even here him move.

The door creaked open and Charlie walked in. “Your up early for a Sunday” he stated walking till the end of my bed.

I smiled sheepishly “What time is it?” outside was still dark but it might just be another typical day in forks.

“Half six, I just came in to check on you. I’m going fishing with Billy today. Hopefully get his mind of Jake.” This was affecting Charlie too. Billy’s his best friend and when he’s down Charlie’s always low as well.

“He’ll come back” I’ll make him at last talk to them once.

“Hopefully he will Bella, Hopefully he will” He stood there awkwardly for a while then left.

Sighing I leant back onto the bed. Life is never east is it? The cold was becoming too much. Jake can open the window again if he wants or he can just go the easy way and use the door.

Well I’m awake now; I don’t think I will be able to sleep again. I searched threw my cupboard for comfy clothes. I threw the clothes on and ran a brush threw my mad hair. It was sticking up in random places because I let it dry naturally.

I sat on the bed looking round. There’s never anything to do on a Sunday. For once there was no homework for me to. I pulled out the phone Angela bought me. I said I wasn’t going to use it because she insisted she buy it. It was a simple phone, one that suited me perfectly. I pressed a button on the top and the phone turned on. It already had all it needed in it.

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