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Thank you so much for the comments and votes and ect!!! I love you all!! I will maybe bring Edward in soon… any idea how!! I also think Jacob should suffer!!! HAHAHA because I’m evil like that ;) This chapters going to be mostly about her changes and ignoring Jake!! Hope its good and you like!!


Chapter 7

I had another sleepless night. I didn’t even bother trying to go to sleep. Even if I did try I don’t think I would have been able to because every few minutes the sound of wolves howling rang threw the air. It sounded as if the wolf was in pain and was crying out to someone one. More than once I felt like screaming out the window to tell it to get over it and shut up but when I thought about it, it reminded me of myself when Edward had left. I had clung on to him and hid myself from everyone else practically begging him to come back. The difference between me and the wolf were it was crying out its pain where I had hid mine. It’s probably not even crying over someone leaving it. Most likely got its leg stuck in a trap or something alone those lines, it had a simple life. So instead of sleeping, I wrote out of list of things I had to do to improve myself.

It wasn’t long just saying simple things like new clothes, I have to get a new look to fully start over. When I ‘woke up’ my dad was already gone. It was only Thursday and I probably won’t be able to go to Port Angeles until the weekend. I will have to invite Angela with me, try to become more social again. I drove to school like normal. There was a hollow hole in my chest but I had managed to make my mind a pain killer, so I ignored it. Soon I would have to get used to people back stabbing me. No body stared at my truck any more and I was glad off that. I most look awful. I seen Angela as usual in the cafeteria and went to class. I could see her from the corner of my eye looking worriedly at me. She was really becoming a best friend; I hope she doesn’t run off like everyone else.

I asked Angela at the end of the day did she want to come shopping with me, she happily obliged. I did the normal nightly routine, make dinner for Charlie, homework then bed. I would have to change that also, get out a bit more. As I sat on my bed the wolf started again. It sounded closer this time, which only made it louder, and its painful howls had turned into cries. I tried to ignore it as best as I could and turned the music up, shutting the window. I could still hear it faintly but I focused on the words of the song drowning it out. There was nothing for me to do. I wasn’t tired strangely so I started up the old computer. I haven’t used it in ages. It made an odd humming noise as it started up. I need a new computer too but that will have to wait. My job doesn’t pay that much and I haven’t been in for a while. As the computer started 3 new messages popped on to the screen. No surprise they were from my mother.


How have you been Honey? Phil has started to go up in the league and I am loving it here in Jacksonville, its always so sunny. You would love it, sure you don’t want to come home?


The thought of Jacksonville sounded great, it would get away from it all but I pushed the idea out off my head. I couldn’t leave Charlie and running from my problems is not how to solve them. I also annoyed me that she called Jacksonville home, forks is my new home now.

My phone went missing the other day, I didn’t lose it. It’s just missed placed. Anyway how’s school going for you? Are you revising? I know there probably not for another while but it’s always good to start early, right? I’m really missing you Bella!  Message me back as soon as you get this.


The next one was a few hours later.


Why haven’t you replied by now? Are you hanging out with your friends? It’s great to know your going out again but please don’t forget about me and give your old mother some time. I’m not that boring am I? I have given you 5 hours to reply so I better get one in a couple of minutes.

Love you Bella,



The last one was five days after that which was two weeks ago.


You are being very rude!! I have given you days to reply the least you can do is send me one word! Don’t make me ring Charlie to see if you’re ok! I haven’t heard from you in ages.



I replied quickly, saying I’m sorry I was busy didn’t have time. Made up a lot of stuff to try and give me a reason for not replying when there really wasn’t. I was just too lazy to. I don’t think mum has rang Charlie unless she has and he just hasn’t told me. After I hit send I x’ed of my emails and started up Google. I typed in Port Angeles map trying to find something to give me an idea of what was in the shops. Finally something came up. There was very little I was interested in I could find only a couple of clothing shops on it. Maybe Seattle would be better. I searched up Seattle shops and clicked on the first link. It brought up a whole list of shops. Maybe Angela wouldn’t mind going to Seattle instead.

I search the internet a bit more before I decided to at least try to sleep tonight. The night was quiet and it was a little creepy. I pulled the blankets tighter trying to keep the heat in and hoping it will somehow protect me. A loud howl echoes threw the air making me jump out of my bed and run to the window. “Shut up!!!!” the howling stopped

 “Thank you!” I called sweetly.

My voice felt dry from my shouting. I shut the window and climbed into bed again. The howling never started again and I fell asleep.

I would love to continue but I don’t know what I’m really going to do!! Jakes probably in the next chapter and I want them to kind of argue. She still doesn’t know he’s a werewolf and all. You got any cruel things they can say to each other?? If you see any mistakes can you tell me please??

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