Round 2

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Ive been here before, shocked still while two wolves fight in front of me. Emily was screaming by my ear but i couldn't make out her words, I couldn't even move. I just watched him, Jacob, move around with elegance and grace for such a large animal. His teeth were bared as he glared at sam with his large brown eyes, the same brown eyes i fell in love with and the very same that have been haunted and hurt recently. I thought everything was going to be okay, that we would pull threw this!

"Do something" Emily shouts, but i just keep staring.

Jacob is taller than sam and in the evening mist from the past rainfall his fur seems darker. This cant be the same wolf ive hugged in the forest, but then it is as the last time i seen him like this was when he was fighting Sam last time, and that was also because of me. It can really all be my fault.. can it?

As Emily shouts into my ear once again i finally wake out of trance state of mind. As i turn to her i see the tears pouring down her checks, how odd that Everything was fine a moment ago. I turn back to my wolf just to see Sam pounce on him. It hurled him to the ground but he instantly got up, swiping for Sams face, and they started their slow circling again. I have to do something but I'm clueless as to what. What did i do last time? My brain is all fuzzy, to much is happening. Jakes not getting along with the pack, Edward is suddenly back and smiling at me and now Jakes here fighting Sam again!

Watching him i realise just how gorgeous he is. Even though his face is scrunched with fury he still is breathtaking. His large tail sways behind him as he bounces out of Sam way and the determination in eyes captivates me as puffs his chest , lifting one large paw before crunching down again realising a ferocious growl, making me stand back and even Sam to step away.

What am I doing?! Hes fighting i shouldnt be checking him out, whats wrong with me! Maybe its because i missed him or the fact that Edwards back that im starting to really appreciate Jake but what ever it is i can think it threw later. He'll regret this, i know he will, so i must stop him. He has been so kind and affectionate to me its my least to do the same for him and anyway i dont want him hurt.

As i thought those words it all happened so quickly but i seen it in HD. Jake moving around so he faced the door way, facing Sam who's back is to me, his large head turning in my direction and the hurt and anger in his eyes changing to pure relief as are eyes locked and then Sams Back legs kicked of the ground soaring threw the air, colliding into Jake with a sicking crack and sicking his teeth into him.

There was a loud scream that hurt my head and I fell to my knees, not feeling the pain as they hit of the step. The scream stopped and my throat was raw. Pain engulfed my chest,Jacobs pain and tears ran freely down my eyes as i stared at him. He wasn't looking at me any longer, just lying on the ground motionless, his head curled awkwardly into his chest as Sam stood above him growling, looking proud.

How dare he look proud! My own anger took over as i stood and ran towards them. I have to get to Jake, I have to make sure hes okay. My legs were shaky at first but I forced myself further, ignoring Emilys yells for me to return, I'm not going to let Sam win. As i ran closer my fear increased, what if hes dead? What would i do then? I new set of tears fell and i ran faster. I stumbled awkwardly beside his still form. His fur was matted around the neck and shoulders and i fumbled my hands around, not knowing what to do, and finally took till stroking the top of his head. His eyes were closed which woried me even more but i could see the large movement of his breathing and his fur was burning against my pain. Looking up at Sam with as much vengeance as i could, only realising then that he was growling at me. He was making head gestures for me to walk away but i would not leave Jacob.

"Leave him alone!" It didnt come out as strong as i would have hoped but i couldnt muster up another word as i turned back to Jake, bringing my other hand to stroke his muzzle. His eyes were still closed and I wondered if he was unconscious. Leaning down i rested my head on his, still stoking him, soothing him and myself. I lifted my arm to push the hair back from my face and noticed the blood on my forearm, were it had be resting on Jacobs neck. Running my hand down his neck I lifted it back up covered in blood. My poor wolf! I hugged his head tears wetting his already damp fur. He smelt so good, just like Jacob, woodsy and familiar. As I pulled back sniffling, I kissed his head and whispered in his ear "Im here boy, im here." I cant live without Jake, I just cant.

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