Truth of the wolf

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Chapter 10

“Bella! Your here!” Billy’s voice distracted me from my staring. His voice was more than relieved. I’m even more confused about why I’m called over, How I’m I going to help?

When Billy had called my name I could see from the corner off my eye the russet wolf look up and unlock the grip it had on the black wolfs neck. It was a good fighter but that didn’t matter. Why did I have such a big affect on it? I’m asking a lot off questions aren’t I.

“Do something Bella please!” the woman I didn’t recognized pleaded with me. She had long black hair and three scars running down her face. That must have hurt. “He doesn’t want to hurt him Bella! Please do something!” tears were streaming down her face.

“What am I meant do? You don’t want me to feed myself to them do you?” Great that makes my day better, wolf dinner.

A load yelp consumed my attention again. The wolf I knew had its jaw clamped down the black wolfs front leg. It was trying to move but couldn’t and I could hear little cracks coming from it. It’s breaking its bones.

Voices were coming from everywhere and making my head spin. The boys closest to the wolves were shouting “Don’t be so stupid” and “calm down man” as the woman and the elders were trying to be more sensible.

“Please make him stop!” the woman pleaded again. Sue wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. Even Sue had tears running down her face.
“What am I meant to do?” my voice was a whisper. I wanted to be swallowed by the earth.
“Talk to him” Sue said. The woman was still crying into her shoulder. “He’ll only listen to you”

Who is he anyway? I turned back to the fighting wolves. The russet wolf was pulling the black one forward with its jaw still clamped on its leg. It was howling and yelping for help but the russet one never stopped.

“Ammm… Wolfe” I shouted. Not one off them moved there heads. “Hello! Wolfe!” I shouted even louder. Billy gave a stressed chuckle from beside me. Still not one off them acted like they heard me.

“Hey, you’re meant to have good hearing! What happened to your brains?” I have lost all sanity. The russet wolf looked up and as soon as its eyes meet mine they softened and were filled with so much pain and emotion that I couldn’t understand. It released the wolf’s leg and it slumped to the ground panting heavily. The woman ran over to it lifting its head into her lap and hugging it tightly.

“Leave Jacob. You have caused enough damage” Billy’s voice boomed and the wolf whimpered and ran into the forest. My head and world was revolving too quickly.

“Jacob” I whispered to no in particular. A load painful howl came from the forest. I have to see him. My legs were moving without me even thinking. I had to see him, Talk to him. He needed me. I don’t know how I know I just do. People were yelling for me to come back but I never turned. Jacob was more important.

The forest was dark and the twigs and branches scrapped my arms and caught my hair as I ran on. There was no sign off the wolf but I ran to where ever my heart was telling me. I hadn’t tripped yet so that was good. I stopped to take a break at an old fallen down tree. Charlie is probably out looking for me, it had to be dark by now.

It was silent and I could only hear my breathing and a light panting. Wait, panting? I sat up from my seat on the tree and walked towards the noise. The leaves rustled as I moved. I ducked under a branch then stood and stared at the sight in front off me. The Jacob wolf  was lying in a bundle of fallen leaves with his head hidden in his large paws. He looked up at me then hid his head again.

“Jake” I whispered walking slowly up to him. He didn’t look like he would attack but I’m still cautious. “How’s it possible?” No one should be able to shift into a giant wolf. It’s crazy.

He whimpered a little and I sat down beside him, leaning against his shoulder. “Why did you do it Jake?” I always thought Jake was calm and could keep his cool. I never knew he could get into a fight.

He started whining like he was trying to talk to me but I didn’t understand a word.

“Really, well that makes sense” I giggled jokingly.

He made his own laughing noise and rested his head on my legs.

I ran my hands threw his soft fur. I could feel the blood matted in it. I must of touch a tender spot as he whimpered and moved back.

“Sorry, are you ok?” I hate seeing him hurt. Somewhere inside me I knew he started fighting because off me. I don’t know why but I just had the feeling. He grunted and placed his head back on my lap. I wanted to tell him so much but I just couldn’t. Now was not the time. I just wanted to sit with him.

“Charlie’s going to want me home soon” I was leaning forward, resting my forehead on his neck. He started whining and buried his head closer to me. “I would invite you in but Angela is staying tonight.” I still had shopping in the morning. Isn’t that going to be great?

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