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As the final bell rang I walked out of the gym changing rooms. For all the expectations i had, it was actually quite a boring day. No arguments or tears in fact it seems like Edward avoided me all day. As I stopped by my locker Angela rushed on past, waving at me as she ran towards the door, Ben was taking her on a date tonight and he would be waiting outside to see her flustered face. I couldn't help but sigh at my thoughts, I wanted that. How.. Normal it would be, no wolves or vampires just plain old human but maybe then life would be boring? I would love for Jake to wait outside for me and the fact that he is a wolf doesn't get on my nerves at all in fact it has some beneficial factors but all the hassle? No, we could do with out that.

"I'm always wondering what your thinking" the voice shocked me but it was very much recognise able. Come on Bella keep it cool. "I didn't mean to scare you" It continued "I apologise" He was so close to me, i could feel his breath against my right ear, the coldness radiated of him and i wondered how i never realised it before? Maybe because I was used to Jake's constant heat. The heat i preferred.

In my daze about Jake and how warm he was, i didn't release how much i had actually missed him and craved his touch but i also didn't realised Edward getting closer until his hand rest on my hip. The touch jolted me, sending a shiver of cold through my heart. "You think to much" He whispered in my ear on last time before kissing my temple and leaving, I was to busy trying to regulate my breathing to say anything. I hate that effect he has on me! But it wasn't like before instead of my stomach getting fluttery and fast pulse, I felt sick with the urgency to run. No it was pleasant at all and I wanted Jake. Badly. You know the pain where your so cold it actually burns? My chest was full of it and no matter how hard i tried to pushed it aside i needed Jake to break this ice.

Closing the locker i was a robot. My chest was chilled and I had given up the battle. I know what i needed I don't know how I just did. Pulling my Keys out of my bag i didnt even care about the puddles from the last downfall. Where would he be? At his dads, should i interrupt? or at home? Home, i was already acting like hes moved in. My thoughts were halted as i looked up. He was here. Looking as heart breakingly gorgeous as always as he leaned against my truck. I would have been annoyed at him for his lack of shirt and how Jessica was Gawking at him as she made her way to her car. But that didn't matter when I seen his face, his soft brown eyes held pain. If possible my heart felt colder.

I approached with caution holding myself back for diving on him, drawing my sword and fight the pain away. Not that I could fight much, or even had a sword. He breathed in deeply and growled out the exhale. I faltered as a sharp pain flashed through my chest. I don't know how but i recognised it. As i continued to step closer the flashes of pain become more frequent but I walked through them. I'm sure Ive felt them before, but where? Then the bulb turned on, his pain. Somethings wrong.

I stopped in front of him, searching his face. He made no motion and his facial expression never changed. Not even a hint of a smile. He was as cold as my heart felt. Finally he reached out a hand, palm up and i sighed with relief about to place mine into his warm grip when he pulled his back. Searching his face again he shook his head "Keys" his voice was gruff as if his emotion where to much for him and where caught in his throat.

The drive back was the most awkward Ive ever been with Jacob. He was always so warm and bubbly but he just sat chilled and reserved. Never sending a glance in my direction or speaking a word. Just a constant glare out the window. Every know and then I would hear him growl deep in his chest. I didn't comment though, maybe he needed this time to sort things out for himself. But Ill be here if he needed me. I still felt his pain, something I haven't actually felt in a while. It was so intense now to the point i struggled breathing when one hit.

As he pulled up the the house and shut of the roar of the engine, he still didn't speak. Without the constant drone of the trucks engine the silence was unbearable. He turned and stared at me as and I had the feeling he wanted me to confess, but to what?

"Well" He prompted, still i looked at him in confusion "Don't play dumb you think I wouldn't realise?" He voiced got sharped louder, pain turning to anger.

"Jake" I stampered but he cut me of.

"Don't 'Jake' me!" it wasn't far of a yell and I cowered back in the seat "How could you, how?" His arms where giving a slight tremble and my chest full of his pain. Pain that I had inflected but didn't know how.

"I don't know.." Once again my sentence didn't get completed

"Ohh really? I have a great sense of smell Bella I know all about you and fang boy. So why cant you just explain? Go on, knock me further what did i do wrong?!"

Edward, He smelt Edward on me. Ohh no Jake its not that! "Please listen to me" i whispered, what was I supposed to say. Nothing happened on my side anyway "He was talking to me at my locker was a bit to close for comfort." I down graded it to try and chill his anger as his arms shook with more intensity.

"Don't down grade this on me Bella! You where all over him!" His yell shock the car and ignited my own anger.

"I was not! Nothing happened Jake! Nothing at all. He even moved further away in Biology when he used to be my partner!"

"You've became a good liar" his door open and I jumped across grabbing his arm as it shock uncontrollably but i wasn't afraid. He was so warm and my chest was soothed by the slightest touch.

"Please believe me" I whispered my eyes watering but i refused to cry.

"How can I when you keep lieing? He stunk of you" with that whispered he wrenched his arm out of my grip and ran into the forest. I stared at where he went. The coldness creeping over me and i shivered from the intensity.

Dinner with Charlie was uneventful, he wondered how i was as I returned to my robot like state but i didn't want to talk to him, I didn't want to talk to anyone apart from Jake. As I lie in bed staring at the ceiling I thought it through. Even a slightest touch could get Jake so annoyed to hurt and upset. I should have controlled the situation, told him to go away, not to touch me.

A howl rippled through the air shivering my insides even more. It was Jakes, I would know it anywhere. Sitting up from bed ignored the chill as I opened the window. The wind whipped my hair around my shoulders as I gazed out into the dark night. Rain drops fell onto my face but i didn't feel any of it, i was all ready so cold. I never wanted to hurt him and i was the one person he thought he could trust. His words echoed in my head "He stunk of you" but i hadn't touched him had I?

And like an earthquake it hit me. Another howl erupted the sky, getting closer. Like an idiot a stuck my head out the window whistling. A waited and waited. But not another howl was sounded or sight of him. So I give up. I left the window open as I lie in bed, my damp hair stuck to my face and fell asleep with exhaustion.

I only vaguely remember the bed sinking and heat engulfing me. The woodsy sent chased away my nightmares.

Hope you like. Do you know what happened? Make it quite obvious I thought.

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