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"Phone" Paul called an hour later of watching T.V. I frowned, about to comment. The phone wasn't ringing. As I was about to speak the phone let out a loud shrill. What?

"How did you do that?" I asked astonished.

"I've got powers" He winked back snickering.

"No he doesnt" Emily walked in picking up the phone "It vibrates" she said before greeting who ever had rang.

"Spoil my fun" Paul groaned.

"I wouldn't have believed you anyway" I laughed.

"You know you would have babe"

"No I wouldn't have. Babe" 

He looked at me with wide eyes, mouth hanging open. Is there something wrong with me. I ran my hand uncomfortably down my hair and face. There was nothing there.

"What is it?" I finally asked.

"I'm going to have to tell Jake about the crush you have on me"

Now I was looking wide eyed. "What?"

"You called me babe"

"You called me babe first" Whats he trying to get at?

He leaned back in the chair and grinned "I call everyone Babe"

Emily whacked him on the back of the head before I could comment. "Stop being so annoying." I could tell she was trying to make her voice stern but the smile on her face didnt help. "That was Sam, the meeting is over. He says we should bring the food down now"

The meeting is over, that means Jake is out. My heart swelled at the thought of seeing him again. We were only apart for an hour or so and I feel as if it were years. This imprinting thing is differently weird.

"Bella!" I shook my head out of it and smiled shyly at Emily. "Could you help me take some of this food into the car. I need to put the warm food out." i nodded stupidly and tried to shake my head into earth.

"You should stop thinking of me" Paul laughed.

"Ohh, I just cant help it" I joked back, smiling. I didn't expect today to go this well. This morning I was having heart failure thinking of it.

There was lots of food to be carried out to Emily's car. Paul helped and walked swiftly with at least four trays of food. I could only carry two, but I'm proud of it.

When all the food was piled in Paul drove down to the cliffs were the bonfire was being held. I was pacing around the Kitchen, waiting for Jake to appear. There was a buzzing feeling of anxiety in me  that I couldn't explain.

"Relax Bella" Emily said, placing a soothing hand on my shoulder. "Hes alright. The boys are going to stay and light the bonfire. When Paul comes back we will load this food and go see them"

"How do you know what im thinking of him?"

She smiled and took of her oven gloves. "I know how you feel. Everytime Sam leaves my side I dont feel whole. You get used to it. You just need to trust that he is ok."

I nodded and leaned on the counter. "I just feel so annoyed. Like something is happeing and I dont know what" 

"Thats his feelings too. He misses you as well and by how jumpy you are I would say hes upset"

"Thanks Emily" I Tryed to relax myself. I would see him soon.

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