the pack

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OK uploading again! Its not going to be long and I have no idea were to go with it so hope its alright.

The table was empty with nothing but dirty dishes just after 30 Min's. The boys still looked like they could eat another round. I started piling the dishes up and putting them in the kitchen sink. Emily was serving the dessert which smelled delicious. The wolves didn’t even release that I was moving around them.  

"Hey Boys, What have you got to say?" Emily shouted from the kitchen. I didn’t understand what she meant and continued collecting the plates. She did only say boys and not me. The Wolves convocation had stopped and they all looked up at her.

"Thank you" they all chimed like school children looking at me. I blushed scarlet and looked back down at the plates.

"Good" Emily smiled "Now, who wants dessert?"

Shouts echoed from the table and Emily giggled. "Why do I bother asking?"

"Because you like making fun of us" one of them shouted, Embry. It was unbelievable how much he has changed. It only just came to me that I haven’t even met all the pack yet.

"No I don’t" Emily laughed, grabbing two plates of apple pie. "Now your getting yours last"

He groaned "that’s not fair" he shouted as Emily set a plate in front of Sam. "Why does he always get his first?"

"He doesn’t complain as much" Sam smiled mocking him as he took a spoonful of food.

"He does moan"

"I know he moans, he just doesn’t moan as much"

I grabbed two plates laughing at there argument. As I walked up the table Embry met my eyes.

"Can I have one?" he asked with a soft voice.

I shook my head and set a plate in front of someone whose name I still didn’t know. 

“Look you even turned Bella against me” he cried and pouted.

I set the next plate beside Jake. I could feel his eyes on me as I moved around the table but I refused to look and the blush was burning me cheeks.

“I didn’t turn Bella against you” Emily laughed “It was her chose”

“So she likes Paul better than me?”

There was a growl at the table. “See look how can you like him better than me?” he asked me.

“He being quiet” I mumbled. It was said for only myself to hear but stupid me forgot about wolf hearing.

Embry stared shocked as the rest laughed. “That’s not fair. I’m just talkative. I mean no offence but the only thing he ever says is offence.”

“He’s not being offence now” I laughed.

“But he’s not talking” He shot back.

“Thank you” Paul, who I now know, shouted before I could talk.

“Now, was that offensive?” I giggled.

“That’s because this is food. If he was mean now Emily wouldn’t feed him, why do you think he hasn’t talked since you were here?”

“Emily, I don’t think Embry wants his pie”

“What?” he shouted, standing up.

“I agree Bella” Emily said handing out the rest of the pie to everyone, leaving out Embry. “I’ll have to bin this one”

“No!” Embry yelled as she walked over to the bin with his plate.

“Shut up and you will get it” I threatened.

“I though you were nice” he complained.

“Bin it” I told Emily.

“Wait, ok I will shut up” He dropped back into his chair and crossed his arms.

“For the rest of the meal” Emily told him as she set the plate down.

He opened his mouth to speak but after I hard look from Emily he restrained to nodding his head.

“Sam you should really get him a leash” It was the one whose name I still didn’t know who spoke.

“Don’t make it worse Jared” Sam laughed, as Embry went to throw his spoon.

“What are you making now?” I asked Emily as she started peeling more potatoes.

“Food for the bonfire tonight”

“Are we still having that bonfire?” Jake asked.

Emily set the potato down and turned to him “Why wouldn’t we?” she asked.

He shrugged and started scrapping his plate.

There was something happening that I didn’t know about.

I no there is still no Jake and Bella love yet but I wanted you to get a look at the pack and the next one should be there love!! Xxx

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