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Uploading again! Thanks for all the comments! I’m still not sure what to do about Edward because there’s ranged thoughts. We still have Victoria though? So what should happen to her?

Chapter 12

It was around 10 before we left the house. I had a good 200 in my pocket, hopefully that’s enough. Charlie even handed me some money to buy something. I didn’t want to take it but he insisted.

“Were first?” Angela asked. We hadn’t reached settle yet but we were getting close.

“No clue” I answered, still in my bright mood. “Anywhere in mind?”

She thought about it for a while “Nope, how about we just look around for a bit until we see something?”

“I’m good with that”

I parked somewhere near the main shops.

“So what you need to get?” Angela asked as we walked down the streets. I didn’t know what I need. Clothes, shoes, might get my hair cut.

“Just little things” I replied.

We weren’t walking long before Angela dragged me into a shop.

“Isn’t this gorgeous” she said, showing me a blue sun dress. It was gorgeous; it had no straps and a small silver belt pulling in the waist.

“Yes, but it’s for the sun. I doubt I will be wearing it much”

“It’s not raining today” she noted. She was right, it wasn’t raining but it wasn’t what I would call sunny either. “Just keep it in your cupboard” she continued.

I looked over the dress again. It was very pretty. Maybe I just have something for the sun just in case.

I bought the dress and continued my shopping. My buzz was staring to disappear, that lonely feeling was back. I don’t understand it, how can I be lonely?

“Want to get something to eat?” Angela asked an hour in.

“Sure” I dragged the bags I had into a small coffee shop. I hadn’t bought much, a cardigan and some skinny Jeans. I was currently looking for some shoes to wear with them. Angela had bought herself some dresses. I don’t know why though, were would she use them.

The waiter came over and asked us are order. I got a hot chocolate as Angela got a coffee.

“What type of shoes you think will go with that dress I got?” Angela asked as we waited on are order coming back.

I thought about it. Her dress was a soft pink that reached her knees.

“Pumps or maybe heels if you want to try them”

“If I get heels so are you”

I frantically shook my head. “No, I will die” I will. If I could hardly walk in flats what would happen it heels!

“Come on” she begged, trying to give me the puppy dog look. “Just little ones. Even heeled boots. They would go great with your jeans.”

I was giving in to her look. It only reminded me of Jake. I missed him, even though I saw him yesterday.

“Little, like one inch” I give in.

She gave out a little squeak and everyone in the room stared at her. She blushed crimson and put her head down. I was laughing at her when the waiter came and handed us are drinks.

I had found my heeled boots. The heel was a little bigger than I wanted but there were no other ones I liked. The ones I got were plain black with buckles on the side. Angela got her heals as well. They were bigger than mine and proper stilettos’. They were nearly the same colour as her dress. Still, had no idea what she would wear it for.

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