why can't you just leave?

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My heart was bounding out of my chest. I think I needed to go to the nurse more than Angela now. What was he doing here? He left didn't he? Or was it all a bad nightmare I had made up out of my own insecurity?

"I'm so sorry bella!" Angela was saying behind me. I could feel her hand on my shoulder but I didn't think of it I just kept walking, putting space between me and him. It wasnt a nightmare, it was real! He's out of my life. I don't want him back but even as I said it to myself I New it wasn't all true. He was a jerk for leaving and I can never forgive him for that but... he was my first love I thought he was everything.

"I tried to keep you away from him! I really did! I know you have been getting better and I wanted you to stay happy" Angela was nearly in tears now "I new you would react like this" she whisperd wiping a stray tear of her cheek.

I stopped walking and she nudged into my shoulder whispering an appology under her breath. I couldn't restrain myself from hugging her and she gratefully hugged me back it made sense now. The way she was dragging me places and acting weird. She was actually trying to help. She was my bestfriend and I didn't even realised how amazing she was while Edward was here. Without him I had truly lived my life. I had Jake now and even thinking his name made me smile. He was amazing, perfect. It was unfortunate it all had to start of so badly. Why couldn't Edward just stay away?

I pulled away and rubbed my eyes. I dont need Edward and I certainly don't want him.

"I'm fine" I assured Angela

"sure?" she asked worry evident in her eyes

"positive. Now do you need the nurse or was that one of your master plans?" I laughed, trying to brighten the mood it seemed to work as she laughed along with me.

"That was one of my plans and it would have worked if you hadn't have Been so stubborn!"

We headed to the nurse anyway and she let us leave, Angela from being so pale with red rims still around her eyes and me as to be the escort of my friend in need. As we sat down in the truck and cold shiver of fear ran threw me. I turned up the heater knowing it had nothing to do with being cold.

"My dads going to kick when he realises I left school early" Angela stated while fixing her seat belt.

"He won't find out" I assured her as I drove out of the lot.

"but he was supposed to pick me up today"

"ring him and tell him your going out with me after and I'll drop you home"

"ill have to wait until biology is over, make it look like im not ringing in the middle of class"

"He knows your timetable?" Charlie knows nothing about mine.

"yea, I swear he knows it better than me!" she laughed.

As we parked at first beach Angela rang her dad and told him I would pick her up. As they talked on the phone I stared out at the waters calming waves. That feeling of uneasiness and worry was still loomy over me but I didn't feel worried. Then it hit me; I can feel Jacobs emotions. He must no Edward is back or maybe something was wrong in school. My own fear of Jacobs health began to twist in my stomach.

"Bella, you okay?" Angela woke me from my day dream.

I forced a smile and nodded "is your dad okay with that?"

"yea, he's says not to be out to late though"

As we walked down the beach with only are thoughts the worry increased. I wanted to see Jacob more than anything.

"would you like to meet my friend?" I asked, startling Angela slightly. She gazed at me questionably " she's nice I swear"

"why not" she finally agreed. Emily would like Angela I'm sure of it.

" she's only lives abit up here"

Walking into Emily's you could smell the delicious sent of her cooking. She turned from the stove and saw us smiling brightly.

"Bella!" she called running over and engulfing me in a hug " its good to see you" she pulled away and smiled warmly at Angela. "How rude of me I'm Emily" she greeted her, offering her hand. As they greeted I walked over to tow stove to see what was cooking.

"Now don't you touch any of that" She warned " the boys do that to me all the time and I hate it" I laughed and stepped back taking a seat at the table. Angela sat shyly beside me.

"where is Sam?" I asked.

"went out for a run" she didn't turn from the stove but I know she meant in wolf form patrolling.

"has anything happened" I tried asking normal questions around Angela but things that Emily would still understand.

she turned instantly " like what?" worry laced her eyes obviously worried about her own imprint.

"I have a feeling"

she frowned but town back to the stove " I don't think so dear everything has been fine around here"

I turned to Angela and she was staring at her nails on the table. That conversation probably made no sense to her.

Male voices could be heard from outside and they did not sound happy.

"I'm going to get her" I recognised it instantly as Jacobs and tingles ran threw my tummy.

"You can't go on their land if they are back" I think it was Sam's.

"you don't understand .." the sentence was never completed before sam interrupted.

"I do understand but you are not going over there!"

"you can't tell me what to do!!" Jake shouted before a loud growl erupted and Emily and I sprinted for the door.

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