Healing him

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Imagine trying to carry a injured werewolf into your house. Not easy.  He weighs how many stone? Felt like fifty when he was leaning on me. Not only that i had to try and get him up the stairs to! By the end of it i needed sleep, badly, but it was worth it seeing Jake at piece on my bed, and that wasnt including the fact he was naked, apart from a towel i had got wrapped around his waist. His skin wasnt as warm as normal and his skin was paler but he seemed to be getting better, or so i was telling myself.

Maybe i should have pulled the blanket back before i lay him on bed. I doubt i can move him now. His eyelashes were resting peacefully on his cheek bones and a light snore was coming from his mouth. The bed was to small for him as his feet hung of the end. However Now hes back to the Jake i know, the fun loving one, the one who didnt deserve this.

Kneeling beside him i stroked his hair back looking intently at the blood on his neck. I could feel my eyes watering but i refused to let the river flow. The blood was beginning to crack onto the bed. The least i can do is clean him up. I sat up to get a some water and cought myself in the mirror. i looked a mess, hair wild, face red and not to mention the blood and mud stuck to my clothes. How did Angela not notice that? I'll deal with Angela later i have to help Jake now. Taking a face cloth from the bathroom i soaked it in warm water. Should i put soap or not? Deciding not to as it make make it sting and hurt more i returned to the bedroom. Jake had repositioned him self face down and the towel had moved of his body reviling half way up his left thigh.

Stay mature now Bella, i told mysef as i walked over and moved the towel to cover him once again. With each touch of the cloth Jacob hissed, i wasnt sure if he was awake or not but i continued my rhythm and finaly hes neck was clean. I could now make out the cut that was there, it was still an open wound but didnt look deep and had slowed down bleeding. I continued to press the cloth against his neck as i sat on the floor, he took up all the bed space. Resting my head on my arm i closed my eyes and tried to relax. Life just has to make things hard, it can never be easy can it?

The sound of the door closing woke me and i jumped from my position on the floor. Looking around i felt slightly confused then i realised i must have fallen asleep... and that was the sound of Charlie coming home. He cant see Jake here! Running over i grabbed the cloth i had used to clean jake from the floor where i dropped it. Jake was still fast asleep. The stairs creaked as Charlie made his way up them and i threw the cloth on the other side of the bed before grabbing a thin blanket from the wardrobe and putting it over Jake before joining him in it. I grabbed his leg and tried to pull it up so it was no longer hanging over the edge but it wouldnt work- i couldnt move them.

Just as i was about to give up Jake shifted his feet and brought his knees up against my thighes. Turning sideways so my body hid Jake from the door i began to pretend i was asleep as charlie made his way to my room, praying he wouldnt see. As the door creacked open i pulled the blanket up to my chin so none of my clothes could be seen. 

"You wake bells" Charlie asked has light flowed in from the open door.

"huh" i grumbled, pretend stretching.

"Didn't mean to wake you"

"No its fine" i smiled at him but then realised the room was to dark for him to see.

"You know hes back don't you?" I'm not sure if hes voice was angry or worried but i knew he was referring to Edward. Like i didn't have enough problems.

"yea dad i know" i sighed and snuggled further into the blanket, aware of the roaring heat behind me. 

"You can go live with your mm if you want. I would understand" the thought of moving jerked me up. Leave? No i cant.

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