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 I started cooking Charlie's dinner, placing it in the oven and leaving it for an hour. I sat on the living room sofa thinking everything over.  Jacob has got everything, the warm touch, the perfect personality. The main thing about Jacob is that I feel good enough for him, like we are on the same level and fit well with each other, I've never had so much confidence in myself. Edward was never like that, I always felt lower and felt stupid being near him. He was too good, perfect. I put myself down for him but with Jacob, I can be myself.

The door opened and I could hear Charlie coming in and taking off his boots. "Dinner ready Bells, I'm starving?" I don't know how he fed himself while I wasn't here. "It's in the oven" He turned on the T.V sitting in his usual seat, the arm chair, I could hear it creak with the new weight. The baseball game was on; I drowned it out, going back to my thoughts. I can say his name now, Edward, there's only a light tug to my heart, reminding me that I he held a place in it. I might be in love with him but I do not love him as much as I used to, that's for sure. It's like the love has transferred over to Jacob... if that's even possible, which it most likely isn't. "Bella, Bella" Charlie yelled at me, I shook my head out of my thoughts looking up to him. "I said did you go see Jacob?" I smiled and nodded, I did more than see Jacob though that might be to much information for him "Yeah, I went and helped him with his car" He nodded taking in what I said. He soon went back to watching his game and I put the dinner out.

After dinner I went to my bed to do my homework, tomorrows Friday then I have Jacob all weekend. I used to hate the weekend but if Jacobs there maybe it wouldn't be so bad. I'm not sure how the school day will go though; I don't know if I could stick Jessica again. She was my best friend; I'm a little hurt that she's being so rude to me. Once my homework was done I got ready and changed for bed. The night was a peaceful night again and I assumed it was because of Jacob.

Charlie was gone when I woke in the morning, which wasn't unusual. I took my time going to school, dreading what was going to happen. I parked my truck and walked over to Angela and Ben, they were just outside the canteen. "Hey Bella" Angela said politely "you get that English homework done" I nodded, it was a simple Shakespeare write up. "It was so hard, I didn't understand one bit" Maybe it was only simple for me, I didn't want to say how I found it easy; it might make me sound big headed. I only give her a light smile.

Lunch came really slowly. I dreaded trig but Jessica ignored me all class which I was glad of; I would rather her not talk to me than her being down my throat. I sat beside Ben and Mike, which Jessica wasn't very happy about. "So... Bella, I am..." Mike stuttered for words to say, he looked embarrassed and was ruffling his hair. "Just say it mike" I was a little scared for what he might say but I was curious to know. "You want to go to the cinema... with me" Well No, I don't, but I couldn't tell him that though, he has had a crush on me since we first meet and I didn't want to crush his feeling although nothing was ever going to come of us. "Yeah Mike, we can invite some friends with us" He looked shocked and a little bit hurt; I knew he had said 'me' and not him with some friends but it's the only thing I could think of. "Yeah... sure" I smiled and turned to Ben, starting a new conversation trying to get away from Mike.

Jacob was in his garage again and I relaxed just at the site of him. "Hiya Bells" he called running over to me and enveloping me in a big hug. I hugged him back relaxing into him. "What's the matter Bells?" he pulled back and bent down to my eye level. He must have grown a few inches taller in one day. I shook my head, not wanting to say anything, and moved away from him over to the cars seat. "Bella what's wrong?" his voice was full of concern. "Nothing Jessica was being a little rude" Anger flooded his face and he pulled me into another hug but this time he was more tense. "Its ok Jake" My voice cracked twice and the tears in my eyes could no longer be held in. "What did she say?" His eyes were full of anger and concern; I knew the anger wasn't directed at me but at Jessica. "I don't want to say" I know I should tell him but I don't want to bring back the memories. He placed both of his hands on my cheeks and forced me to look at him, the only thing in his eyes were concern for me. "If you need to tell me anything Bella. Anything! I will be here for you." He wiped my tears with his thumbs and I forced a smile on my face. His hands were burning my checks but it felt comforting. I lightly pecked his lips but he held my face, stopping it from moving away and continuing the kiss. I ran my hands threw his hair and his chest give out a loud rumble. I pulled back, laughing at him. He blushed and looked down at the ground. I pulled up his head leaning his forehead against mine "Hey Jake you are a little hot" I replaced my head with my hand. He did have a temperature. "I'm warm that's all" I looked over him. He looked ok; smiling as usual.

"OK, then lets paint that car" I jumped up, pushing Jacob down to the ground and running over to where I left my paint. "You got the parts?" We quickly started painting the car; it was done quickly so we went on to painting the wall. "Your dad won't mind, will he?" I didn't want Jacob to be getting in trouble. "Nope, can't get his wheel chair down the stones" That's good; I drew a line of red across the wall then splashed it randomly. "Stop destroying my wall will you" I looked over at Jacob and drew another random line. "What you going to do about it?" He took the paint brush of me and drew down the front of my shirt "Jacob" I pulled the brush back off him and drew down his face. He wiped his hand off his face, turning his hand red only smudging the paint more, and then only shrugged his shoulders "Don't really care." I frowned and started to paint the wall again; he was meant to care.

I drew a wolf head; it was only a plain black out line because I was using car paint. I remember the legends of the wolves, so it made sence to draw it on his wall. "Bells that's great" I blushed. "It's a mess"

"Bells its great" I looked up at him, he was being sincere. "Thanks, I think I better get going now"

He took me out to the car and I was about to drive away when Billy came out of his house "Bella, Charlie's coming over for pizza today" I grinned as I turned off the car and walked up to the house. "He's coming here" I asked. He nodded and invited me in. Jacob was sitting on the sofa and I jumped beside him. "What are you still doing here Bells" I think I had scared him by my sudden presence although he did look happy to see me. "Charlie's having dinner here today."

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