Chapter 10

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I woke up with a terrible headache. I slowly opened my eyes and saw nothing. It was too dark in my cell, so it had to be night time. Amita and my mobile phone came to my mind. Hastily I digged deep down in my bag. Nothing. That bitch got my smartphone! I grumbled. Fuck. I was frustrated so some tears got in my eyes. Angrily I wiped them away. What am I supposed to do now?!? I looked in my bag again. Pagans money was gone, so was my passport. Only Pagans button down and perfume were in the bag. I took out the button down and looked at it. I treated it as careful as a newborn baby and my face got some strange look of happyness and love. I must look like a sheep now. Carefully I gave it back into the bag. After that I took out the perfume. Pagan.......It was like he was here. Immadiatly I wanted to hug him, but I was alone. Well, I wasn't alone as long as I wanted, because right after I put the perfume away my cell door got opened again. I thought it was Amita, but Ajay stood right in front of me.

Ajay:"Ray, I'm sorry. I didn't kniw that they wanted to lock you away! Please, believe me!"

"....I believe you...."

He stroked my head and as he touched the back of my head I felt pain.

He touched the wound I got as Amita knocked me out......

Ajay:"Oh....I'll get you to a doctor. It bleeds. Where did you get this from?!"

"Ask Amita"

Ajay seemed to understand and opened the chains which kept me in the cell. He lifted me up, even though I would've been able to walk by my own. As he carried me I felt really ill. Strange...I felt the same at Pagans house..I think...

As we got out of the cell and after that out of the house bright sunlight shone in my face. I closed my eyes a bit because the sunlight hurt my eyes. He was still carrying me in his arms to another house. Pagan used to carry me too...the one time he got me back after the car crash.

I began to blush. And at the same time Ajay looked down on my face. You're getting the wrong idea!!!!!!

Ajay just smiled.

I wanted to say something but got layed down on a bed. Next to me was some other guy.

Ajay:"She's got a wound on the back of her head. Could you nurse that?"

Doctor:"well yeah I can. Miss, is there something else you're worried about?"
Maybe he could help me with that ill being feeling.

"S..sometimes I feel ill. I got stomach ache and....I almost threw up once."
Actually I almost threw up as Ajay carried me. Maybe BECAUSE he carried that can't be it. I got the same ache at Pagan's mansion and....

The doctor had a strange look on his face. As I noticed I was blushing and blushed even more, the doctor looked at me with that: I-Know-Whats-Going-On look.
Get to the point!!!!

Ajay also didn't seem to understand.

Doctor:"Could you, go outside for a moment please? I'll do some tests on her and tell you later how she is."

Ajay didn't want to leave me alone, but he left with no words.
Tha hell wants da doctor?!

"What's wrong with me?"

The doctor silently treated my wound on the back of my head. After that he took some of my blood and looked with some strange thing I don't know at it.

He sighed.
Oh god what does that mean?????

After about an hour he looked at me. I was pale and actually pretty scared.

Doctor:"Congratulations. You got Ebola"


Doctor:"Just a joke. You seemed so scared that I just.........well, never mind. "

The doctor shortly laughed about his own joke.

Doctor:"Ajay, come in"

Ajay opened the door and came in. He was also pale.

Doctor:"Congratulations Ajay. You're a daddy"

I looked at the doctor and was completely shocked.

"You are joking again aren't you?!"

Doctor:"No I'm totally honest."

Ajay didn't move. I think he even stopped breathing.
But I must be.......I'M PREGNANT FROM PAGAN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Ajay slowly looked at the doctor.

Ajay:"I...we...never did....I..?"

The doctor seemed confused.

Doctor:"Isn't she your girlfriend?"


Doctor:"oh well....she's pregnant..."

I went completely pale and I began to shake. As everything went dizzy I didn't know what to do. I'm......pregnant.....from...

I couldn' t even think about him.

But..I couldn't take it.
I'm.....pregnant............I carry a child....oh shit I'm..........uuuuuuh....Pagan!

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