Personal Intro and HII

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Hi. I suppose you came here, because you like Pagan Min. Well, I for myself think that guy is awesome. He's a psycho and a charmant, funny guy. He's like a coin. Like, two different personalities.

So to make it easier to understand the story. The main character is Ray Tasmian. Her parents were friends with Ajays so she heard his name before. As she travelled in the same bus as Ajay, she had a little sightsee tour in mind. Just as Ajay she got born in Kyrat but raised elsewhere. Her parents lead a small restaurant. When she comes to Kyrat, she meets Pagan Min. Well you can imagine the rest I think ;). Ray is 25 years old xD so it will be some straaange ff. Bit who cares xD I mean Johnny Depp is older than Pagan Min and a lot girls love him.(I do in particular). So I think I kinda drifted apart hehe.

Have fun and enjoy the story ;3. Anyway, I wanted to thank someone special here on wattpad. He knows that I mean him ;). Please don't mind about the mistakes, I'm actually not british nor american. I'm from germany so most of my storys are german. For this I decided otherwise. So please be forgiving ;)

Enjoyyy ;D

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