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Chapter 6

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Pagan stood up putting his clothes on. Pagan:"I won't miss your dinner. So come on, let's go" I nodded stood up. I put my clothes on quickly and was blushing while looking at him. Pagan came to me, hugged me tight. Pagan:"I love you". I felt warm and save. I held his hand and went with him to the dining room. It was a huge table with lots of food on it (what the cook and I were cooking). I sat down and Pagan sat down on the opposite site of the table. Pagan:"Do you know anything about Ajay? Like where he is and how he's doing?" "I haven't talked to him...."  Why am I lying?.... Pagan looked at me. I tried not to act suspicious. He continued eating.Phew...

I sat there. The atmosphere was pretty weird. What am I supposed to say?!.....uh that weird silence makes me crazy!....But I just continued eating. Something sharp was in my throat and I began to cough. I stood up. I looked at the schocked Pagan and ran to the toilet. I spit the food in the toilet. There was a needle in it. I almost became a heart attack. Someone wanted to kill me....or maybe...they wanted to kill Pagan? Was it the Golden Path?! I went back to Pagan with the needle. I looked at him. His eyes were wide and he looked at me. Schocked. Pagan:"What's wrong?" I wanted to sound cool but my voice was cracking. "S..someone wanted to kill you....or me..." I gave him the needle. Pagan just threw it away. Pagan:"Noone wants to kill you. Because I won't let them. And they should know it. And if they wanted to kill me instead, well, they won't. They'll die before they even reach me. So it's alright" He hugged me. And suddenly I was scared. Don't act like a little girl. Get yourself together and be strong. I just hugged Pagan, still fighting with my own mind. They wanted to kill him......Again I smelled his exotic parfume. It kinda chills me down. I noticed it, as the fear just disappeared. Pagan noticed it and smiled. Pagan:"Finally you chilled down." I grinned. "I didn't take that long" Pagan let go off me. Pagan:"I'm sorry to say this, but I for myself think we are finished here." He meant the dinner. "Yes, same here." Pagan:"Shall I get you to your room, or do you.." before he finished his sentence, Yuma crashed in. Yuma:"The Golden Path. We know where Ajay is." I looked at Pagan. Pagan:"Let's get him" Yuma nodded. As Pagan went to Yuma, she gave me that strange look behind Pagans back. What's with her?! After a few minutes I went to my room. I got out of my shoes and layed down on my bed. Uuuh, too much happened today. I got kissed and had sex with Pagan. I cooked 5 hours long and after that I almost got killed....

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