Chapter 16

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I woke up in pyjamas. If Pagan changed my clothes.....?

I began to blush. Goddamit why you got to turn red all the time?

Pagan:are you already awake?"

I turned around. He stood at the door.

"Since when are you standing here?"

Pagan:"Just a few minutes. I wanted to know how you are before I need to leave for work."

"You're already leaving?"

Pagan:"Don't make such a sad face.."

He came to me and sat down on the  bed. Softly he took my face into his hands.

Pagan:"I'll be back in about 7 hours"


His brown eyes where shining and I suddenly felt really comfortable.

He let out a sigh and stood up.

Pagan:"Bye honey."

I looked at him.

"I love you"

Then he got out of the room. After he was gone, I decided to stand up. I changed into some clothes and went yawning to the dining room. Before I could enter, I heard Pagan talking to some other men. His word were ringing in the back of my head.
I'm off to work....I'm off to work
.Why is he still here? Or..maybe tgis is what he calls work? Well, it must be something important so lets leave him alone...he will be alright...right?

I went back to my room. Still, there was this feeling again.....that..something was wrong.

On the table next to my bed layed a small key. I took the key and unlocked a small chest, standing in the corner of the room. In it was a gun, a map and a phone. I took the gun and the fitting belt to it. I put the belt on, it looked cool with my jeans and my black top I've changed into. I was also wearing a pair of black converse. I put the gun in the belt and went back to the dining room. They were still talking.

I wasn't sure if I should go in or not. Suddenly it sounded like an explosion. You heard chairs falling and dishes crashing. I took my gun. I already knew a lot of guns, my dad used to taught me everything about them. Thanks dad

With the gun in my hand I entered the room. Pagan and a tall man were standing in front of each other. They looked at me.

"What the fuck is going on?"

The tall man grumbled. I looked at Pagan. He nodded. Then he clearly looked at the gun. Then at the man.
He wants shoot the man?

The men let go of Pagan and went to me.

"Get away from me"

He didn't listen. I began to tremble. Then I pointed the gun at his forehead. And pulled the trigger.

I didn't even hear the sound of the fired gun, because everything around me began to blur. The man was lying on the ground. Bleeding.
What have I done?
The right move.
No, I killed a man!
That's what we were born to.

My two different personalities were fighting. In my head. My soft and caring nature against the deadly one of Kyrat. Is this what Pagan ment with strong nature?

I had terrible headache.
We were just talking. About what we should do.
Yeah, we shouldn't have killed the man.

I felt terrible. Am I crazy?

The hug and exotic smell of Pagan took me back into reality.

Pagan:"Well done, honey."

".....I'm scared.."

Pagan:"Well......not everything has a neat and tidy ending...well it should..or else it's just bad writing.."

I began to laugh.

"You..watched RWBY?"

Pagan:"Well, yes. As I heard you like it, I began to watch it."

I chuckled.

"You didn't have to. Really"

Pagan:"I'd do anything for you"

I just made my self comfortable in his arms. We both didn't notice the jealous stare out of the shadow...

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