Chapter 11

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Still I sat on the bed and was unable to move.
What should I do? And...I..I...can't return home pregnant! But I can't get away from here! And how shall I tell Pagan?!

I was confused and actually I was sad. Ajay just looked at me like I was some sort of poisonous bug. Before I could say anything he just went out of the room. The doctor was also confused.

Doctor:"Well, that's a problem...what a fail..hehe...I feel dumb now."

I got really angry all of sudden.

"WHAT A FAIL?! IS THAT ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY?! You can't just tell...! Ugh! You just shocked him!!! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA OF THE DAMAGE YOU COULD HAVE CAUSED?!"

I stood up and went to the even more confused doctor. I grumbled and went out of the room. As I opened the door Sabal and Amita stood there and Ajay stood behind them. I looked at Sabal, who was about a head tallet than me.

Sabal:"I heard some very interesting news."

"Good for you"

Amita:"We can't lock you in the cell again, because you're..."

I interrupted her.


As I shouted at Amita, Sabal grabbed my shoulder and it felt like he would squeese it any moment now. I immadiately stopped saying anything as pain blurred my thoughts.

Sabal:"You'll live here. You stay in the bed. And you'll be guarded every single moment. After all you're pregnant"

As he said pregnant I wanted to kick him in the balls. But he held my shoulder so thight that any move I would have done would've been my last one.

"....I know what happened....."

Amita:"Speaking of which. Who is the father?"
Oh shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

"That got nothing to do with you"

Sabal:"It does. It will be if it turns out that my suggestions are right. Your text messages with Pagan are...."

"You read my messages? Oh yeah right. I forgot. I got a nasty hit on the back of my head and as  got knocked out someone took my phone."

Ajay followed my eyes which were staring meanly at Amita.

Ajay:"You did what?"

Amita:"She was about to tell Pagan where she is. It would have been a danger"

Sabal pushed me, so I made some steps backwards. I almost tripped, but was able to stand.

"You don't get it, do you? Pagan could be my father! And most of all. He isn't after me. He's after Ajay. He uses me just as a weapon. You''ve already lost."

I tried to shock them, to get them out of concept.

Goddamit I hate this guy.

"Leave me alone!"

I looked at the window. Before Sabal was able to grab me I punched the glass and went through as it broke.

Amita & Ajay:"NO!!"

I looked at my bleeding hand. And I ran. I ran as fast as I could.
There's a car!

I grabbed the car. It didn't work.

"Come ooon!"

The motor didn't start.

Sabal was already at the door opening it brutally and pushing me on the ground.

Sabal:"You won't get away"

I wasn't like the strong girl I acted to be.

As I was crying I slowly said.

"I got into a mess I never wanted to get! Just give me my passport and leave me alone!"


Ajay ran to me and took me in his arms.

Ajay:"Stop it Sabal. She's a human just like us. Why do you have to make a scene? She just wanted to visit Kyrat and now see what she gets"

Sabal:"She's pregnant! From Pagan Min!!! Why do you still protect her?"

Ajay:"She's important. Let her spy on him. "

Sabal:"She won't"

Ajay:"I'll take care about it."

Sabal:"......if she tells Pagan...we'll kill her."


I just looked at them.
They are talking about me. About my life.

Sabal threw my phone at me. Ajay catched it and starred angrily at Sabal. ....what have I done?

Ajay lifted me up.

Ajay:"I'm sorry...."

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