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Guys :D I love you all, thanks soooo much for reading! I can't believe it!! My fanfiction just got 1000 views! Thats like a dream! Really thank you so much for reading! You are simply the best readers anyone could have! So I decided to make a special chapter, just to show, that you are the best!!!
I love you guys, BloodyRoseOfCrystal
*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°* Pagans PoV:
Man, where is my dear Ray? I couldn't find her anywhere! Since I was looking for Ajay with Yuma, she must have left.

I was disappointed. I took out my smartphone and wrote her a message. After that I took a selfie with some guard next to me.

"Tell the other monkeys that they should search for Ray Tasmian. Even the smallest sign of her needs to be reported. Send spys to the Golden Path. Understood?"

The guard just nodded and got away.

Again I sighed. Did I not love her?  What made her go?

I looked at my phone. Nothing. Maybe, just,..maybe...her smartphone got taken? I mean, if she's with the Golden Path, they wouldn't let her keep the phone right. As a Tasmian the Golden Path must dislike her...if she's killed....she'd be the second love I've lost...

I was sad. As Yuma came to me and wrapped her arms around my arm I didn't resist.

Yuma:"You don't need her."

"You're wrong. I do."

Yuma:"She left. Maybe she even left Kyrat"

"I got my spys on the airport. So there would be no way that I wouldn't find out."

Yuma:"Look, she left you. Just let her be gone."

I got angry and mangled my arm out of her hug-like-wrap.


I punched on the table.

"Yuma. I need her and I can't let her go"

Yuma:"What..you think it's best..."

She left. With no hesitation.
Damn what do I do wrong....

Before I sank into my guiltyness and soul crushing regret which were like a deep black hole what was sucking me in I got interrupted by a guard.


He coughed so he must have ran all the way here.

"That was fast. Good job, now tell me the..news"

Guard:"Miss..Ray..Tasmian is captured by the Golden Path. But not in a cell. She's kept at the doctor's house. .....she..is..."

"What is she. WHAT IS IT?"

Guard:"She's pregnant."

The guards words were like a punch right in my face. Did she....sleep with...someone?

I remembered the look on Ajays face as they were sitting together on the table.
Ajay. You'll pay for that.

"Get her. And get Ajay. Kill all the others."

I left the guard standing and went to my bedroom.
I'll make you pay.

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