Chapter 9

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I pulled at the chains so long that I didn't know if they really do climper and rattle at the moment or if I was just imaging it. THEY CAN'T KILL PAGAN! I WON'T......let that.... Even my mind thought about just giving up. My red hair was messy and Pagans Kimono I was wearing was dirty. I reached for my bag but because of the chains there was a distance of half a metre between my hand and the bag. With my foot I pushed the bag near my hand. After about 10 minutes I was able to grab it and actually open it. I searched for something I could use to open the chains lock. My sight fell on Pagans perfume. And next to it..  OF COURSE!!!! The smartphone Pagan gave me was also in the bag. I grabbed it and unlocked the display. 3 missed calls from Pagan and a message. With shaking hands I tapped on the envelope mark on the display. The message said:"Dear Ray, where are you? I miss you so much  that I can't tell you! Also I'm wondering where my perfume went to....well if you are with the Golden Path, I'll do everything to get you back. Because I love you. And I can't live a single moment, knowing that you must be somewhere captured. Maybe even in a cell! Send me a message where you are and I'll pick you up. With the helicopter ;D. Yours Pagan

Again my eyes were full of tears hich ran down my cheeks. I can't forget him, what should I do? With shaking fingers I slowly wrote back. "Forgive me Pagan. I wanted to go home to order my life a bit. Ajay crashed into your mansion and got me. I wanted to grab the next car I could get and drive home....but I can't. In the last few days there are many things I can't let go of. One of them is your perfume....^^'...And you. Please get me I'm locked away..."

I wasn't able to dry my tears. Oh god what did I do?! I didn't hear the door of the cell opening. Amita:"What are you doing with the cellphone?" I looked up. I couldn't see her, the tears blurred my side. But I did regonize her voice. "A..amita?" Amita:"Give.Me.The.Phone" she said it slowly but in an angry voice. "NO!" Amita:"GIVE ME THE PHONE!" I got a hit on the head and everything went black. "N..oo...." i fell to the ground.

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