Chapter 4

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Before I knew it, I actually fell asleep. The sun shone in my face. Fuck you sun,  you just woke me up. I wasn't in a good mood, don't ask me why. Maybe because I was really confused. The guy who turns out to be my enemy is actually nice. And handsome......I shaked my head. I stood up, still in Pagans bloody button down and my jean. There was a note with numbers on my bedside table. It said:"My number: (I don't know pagans number so I'll invent one) 123456789. Number of the cook:876543219 if there is anything wrong, don't hesitate to tell. If you want to tell me the truth and location of Ajay, I'd be very happy to hear it. There is some clothing in the wardrobe for you. Xoxo Pagan
Xoxo? Really?! I stood up. My wound felt better, not as much pain as expected. I went to a wardrobe and hoped for something that I could wear. I found something looking familiar to a kimono. It was soft and light. As I put it on, I felt wonderful. It was so light and soft, it felt like I was wearing a cloud. I stepped into a pair of ballerinas, which were actually my size. I wonder where he got them..and why they fit so perfectly...weird. I brushed my hair and went out of the room. I felt like exploring the mansion. Then I looked at the mobile Pagan gave me. I looked at it. It was a smartphone. Actually pretty good. As I was checking Kyrat's weather and news I got a call. Unknown number. I quickly and quietly went to my room. I answered:"Hello?" Ajay:"Ray? You're alive!" "Yeah, I was also surprised...listen..pagan knows you're alive, because as you killed some guys on your way to the tower you lost your passport!" Ajay:"Damn it! Well, at least you tried...and..what did he do to you? I'll rescue you as fast as I can. My mother would want me to....okay then it's settled.." "wait! He...didn't do anything to me! I actually get treated very well..I mean someone nursed my wound and...stuff like that" Ajay:"...what? So you believe he's the good guy?" "That's not what I said something about Lakshmana in the truck. Maybe he knows what and where it is? He's the dictator of Kyrat, if he doesn't know who else?" Ajay:" you heard....well okay, stay strong and tell me if anything happens okay? I trust you. Spy on him. And when the times ready...kill him." My heart stopped for a moment. Kill him? But's the bad guy..kill....ok.. I got sad "yeah...when...the time is ready." A voice behind me began to spoke:" ready for what?" Ajay hang up and I turned around. It was Yuma. "Miss, I was talking to my mother" I lied. Yuma:"I were talking to one of the Golden Path.Maybe even to Ajay" she came closer to me. I stepped back. "Why should I? I don't really know Ajay" Yuma:"if...IF you were talking to one of them....and if you want to kill Pagan'll pay! I'll be the one doing it!" Pagan came in, as quiet as a cat. Yuma stood with her face towards me so her back was at the door. Pagan:"No you won't" Yuma turned around as if a bee stang her in her back. Yuma:"Pagan! She was sozialicing with a member of the Golden Path!" Pagan:"Was she? Or do you just think she was?" Yuma looked at him. Yuma:"well...I...suppose...she was" Pagan:"You suppose....well where's your proove?" Yuma kept silent. Yuma:"she said: When the time was ready as she spoke to someone on the phone." Pagan:"you said that a lot of times. But you thats not a proove that you were talking to the Golden Path." He protects me...why does he protect me?  "I was..talking to my mother. She said how long I'm staying and if I come home. Then I said when the times ready." I prayed that they'll believe me. Pagan looked at Yuma. And she went out of the room. She even closed the door. Pagan:"You look beautiful darling" at the word darling my heart made a jump. Before I knew what was happening he hugged me. I was in his warm arms felt his heart beating. As last time I went red and it was hard to breathe. He smelled good and I almost sniffed at his blazer. Pagan just looked at me and said. Pagan:"I'll protect you. No matter what." His lips were so close to mine. His eyes looked into mine. I forgot to breathe. My nose almost touched his. Please, please kiss me already. He came closer. Omg he comes closer. Our lips will touch any moment now. I gathered all I could afford of braveness and kissed him. He didn't push me away. He kissed me too. Ohhh I can't take it. So near. So soft. I can't..I continued kissing him. And I opened my eyes. He did too. Then he let go. He was blushing. He really was. I couldn't believe what just happened. I began to blush and my lils burned. I just kissed the King of Kyrat. I began to shake. Not because of fear, because of excitement. And I wanted more. Stop it. Oh goddamit. His lips. So warm. So soft. His arms. His smell. His hair. His face. His eyes. I just looked at him. And he stared at me. What's going to happen? I continued looking at him, waiting for him to say something. Pagan seemed just as confused as I was. Pagan:"....You know....that you just gave yourself to me....don't you....?" He came to me. He looked like he wanted to hurt me, but his eyes were full of love. He stood before me. I was able to smell his exotic smell. My mind was telling me no....but my body was yelling for his lips. To be in his arms. I got even more confused. Pagan gently stroke my hair. As his hand was touching my cheek I came a step closer. "I know. And I'll be yours as long as you want me to." Wait, did I just say it? DI I JUST CONFESS MY LOVE TO PAGAN?! I put my hand on his neck. His other hand touched my hip and he pulled me closer. And again our faces were close. This time it was him who kissed me. This time our tongues were playing and before I knew what was going on I was leaning on the wall while he was kissing me. My god he's a drug. I was sweating and my heart was beating so fast, I thought Yuma could hear it, while eaiting outside the room. Then someone knocked on the door. It was Yuma. Yuma:Pagan. Come on out already. They destroyed another tower. Let's take care of that." Pagan stopped and looked at me. Pagan whispered:" I gotta go. You know, those monkeys destroyed a tower. Let's eat dinner together later." I just nodded, I wasn't able to say a word. As he saw how I confused I was he chuckled. Pagan:"..your hair. It's all messy now...." he looked into a mirror. Pagan:"actually mine is messy too" he took a brush and brushed his hair. Then I took a deep breathe and got out of the room. I just watched him getting out. I can't describe my feeling. I just knew that this is the feeling that was able to make the world a better place. I was shaking. Then I looked into the mirror. My hair looked like a broom and my face was still red. I also took a deep breathe and brushed my hair. I was singing a cheerful melody as I went into the kitchen. The cook smiled at me as I came in with a good mood. Cook:"Can I help you Miss? I was cooking the dinner for you and Mister Min. But if there is something important I'll...." I interrupted him. "I want to help you. Don't worry I'm working in a restaurant in New York....well...was..hehe" I grinned. Cook:"miss I can't do that. If Mister Min finds out that you were making your fingers dirty while cooking I'll get executed" "Don't worry. I'd love to help." I smiled and the cook seemed to know what was going on. So the cook nodded. I helped him and sang. Later the cook must have got a good mood too, so we both were singing, laughing and cooking. We actually took 5 hours cooking. But the result was just breathtaking. "Great Job!" I smiled. The cook was also surprised. Cook:"I've never had such a good help. All my apprentis are lazy. Some don't even show up." (Just a little sidenote. An apprenti is a learning boy or girl, who learns to cook. Later they'll become the Commis de Cuisine. After that they'll become a Chef de Partie. It's just cooker's language ;D. I learned that in school, I go to a School of yeah.)

I came out of the kitchen and went around. I looked on my mobile. I missed one of Ajay's calls. I went to my room again, with my sight on the door. I phoned back. "What's wrong?" Ajay:"I just wanted to check if you're alright. Did Pagan do anything to you?" I reminded the kiss between me and Pagan. " nothing happened." Ajay:"listen is there anything you want to tell me?" "Well, Yuma and Pagan drove off to check the tower you destroyed. They really want to find you.." Ajay:"I'll keep my eyes open" "okay.." Ajay:"Don't worry I'll get you out" "......." Ajay:" okay....bye" "bye" I hang up. I should definitly tell him what's going on... I put the smartphone away. And went out of the room still wearing that kimono like thing. I went through the house. And finally got out. I saw a beautiful garden and went there. As I sat down on a bench I heard the birds singing. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment.

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