Just a little note :D

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Yooo my dear readers :D I can't believe it! 4,36K reads! That's just breathtaking :D. Since I started the Pagan Min ff stuff, a lot of my readers started a ff too. :D I'm happy to inspired them to write one. And omg they are great! I created a little reading list. It's obviously the Pagan Min reading list xD. And iHeartYourLove is about to write my ff in Pagan Mins point of view! I'm so happy! And that's why you guys inspired ME to update more :D I can't really say that I'll update every day, because I go to a difficult private school, which takes a lot of time xD. I got school from 10 am till half past six in the evening on friday...well, enough about me and more about you guys! I really love you and can't tell you in words how happy the 4,36k views make me :D

~Yours, BloodyRoseOfCrystal

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