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So...I spend a lot of time, deciding what to write. The result.....well, you'll read it xD. And..I really thought about a Fifty Shades of Grey Scene between Pagan and Ray...but....I don't really want Pagan to...do..something...like that xD. And I don't think Ray wants to get tied on a table or something...soo...yeah..

*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°*°* Pagans PoV:

I sat down on the balcony, looking at the garden. The memories of watching Ray while she trained came to my mind. She really is skilled....but still...I'm not quite sure what to think...

One of the maids came in.

Maid: My king, Mr Paul De Pleur is here to meet you..

I stood up.

"So I will"


"Is there anything else...you want to tell me?"

Maid:"It's about...Miss Sheela. She' s near Manju and Yamas bedroom. I didn't leave the room, but she tried to come in several times..."

"Thank you. I appreciate your work."

I left the room. And went to Paul.

"Paul...hello! What gives me the honor to see you?"

Paul:"Pagan....it's about...The Golden Path.... they tried to capture Ray again...and now she's injured. Ray is in her bedroom. I just wanted to tell you..."

I felt shocked.
No no no no no no no!

It felt like my stomach was as small as a nut. I felt ill and scared.


Paul just nodded. I walked past him straight towards her bedroom.


She said nothing. Just looked outside the window.

"Are you alright?"


I sat down next to her.

Ray:"They tried it again. They would have killed me."

"You got protection all around you. Noone will kill you."

Ray looked into my eyes. I was drowning in her wonderful green eyes, which reminded me of wide grass fields on a sunny day.

"Are you injured?"
I already know but...still.

Ray:"A little scratch on my arm. That's it."

We talked and talked. And her mood got better, we laughed and smiled.

Ray:"I'll go to sleep alright?"

"Yes, good idea."

I went out of her room and grinned.
She's so cute <3

I went down the hallway. I saw Paul standing in front of his room. He only uses this room, if he stays here late and drives home the other morning. I looked at the clock.

11:50. I shook my head. Sheela went to Paul, blushing. They didn't see me. I grinned. Oh Paul, hunt her down!!

I took out my smartphone and made a video. Paul went towards her. They talked. And then, Sheela leaned forward and gave him a kiss. I smiled. Finally Paul. You get them chics too

They kissed and Paul lifted Sheela up. With his elbow he tried to open the door while making out with the blonde girl. The disappeared in his room. I ended the video. Hehehehehehehehehehehe

I went to Manju and Yama.

They looked at me. Yama got my blonde hair and Manju got Rays red one. While Manju got my light brown eyes and Yama got Rays flashy ones. This is so strange...but untellable cute!.

I made a selfie with them.

"That one's way better than my picture with Ajay! You guys agree right?"

They just looked at me.

"Oh yeah I forgot."









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