Chapter 14

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I turned around but got no second to speak. Yuma already had the dagger in my stomach, so deep that even breathing was hard. She pulled it out and blood dripped on the floor.


Yuma:"Don't say my name. Pagan is mine. You didn't leave so I force you to."

I held my stomach and tears began to run down my cheeks.


I saw the blood dripping on the floor.

I kneeled down and was to weak to get up again.

Yuma:"That is what you deserve."

Pain everywhere. Everywhere. It felt like it wasn't the blood but my whole memories, achievments and Fails I was loosing.








I raised my head and blinked. The sunlight shone into my eyes. I was still sitting on the balcony and still wearing my summerdress and shoes. Pagan sat on another chair.
Was he watching me while I napped?

Pagan:"Are you done with napping?"

"I..I'm sorry..."

Pagan:"It's okay I guess. You must be very exhausted. Still, you were with the Golden Path only an hour ago. The circumstances must have been...very...difficult. I suppose."


Pagan:"You were whispering my name."

I began to blush. How embarrasing!


I tried to shake off that dream.

Pagan:"Well let's go. Dinners ready"

I nodded.

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