Chapter 15

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Hand in hand we went to the dining room. Ajay already sat there and looked at us. I broke his heart.....can we still be friends? Pagan gently led me to my seat and I sat down.

Pagan:"My princess."

I smiled.

"My majesty"

I sat down still smiling. Ajay looked like he was about to puke.

Pagan sat down and poured some wine into his wine glass.

Pagan:"So...Ajay. Which one would you kill. Amita? Sabal?"

Ajay:"Fuck you"

Pagan:"Dear goddness boy, you didn't even blink. Well, it's in your hand. One of them will live. The other one will die. Through her hand."

He pointed at me.

I looked at Pagan. Shocked.


Pagan:"Well, I hoped that..."

"I can't kill a person! I can't erase a life! Why should I?!"

Pagan:"Oh? The Tasmian family normally has a strong nature. They never hesitated to kill."

I looked at Ajay.

Ajay:"Why is she supposed to kill one of them?"

Pagan:"I thought....since she got abused by the Golden Path, she must hate them. Right?"

I clenched my fists.

"I won't kill them. Even though I hate them for what they've done. Still that's not a way to solve problems!

Pagan:"Well. You will decide my sweetheart."

I released my fists. Man...I do hate Sabal...but...kill him? I don't know if I'm able to.

I looked at the food. Carefully I began to eat.
Last time was a needle in it.....

I trembled for a moment.

But I ate it. It was completely wonderful! As I was finished I looked at the two of them.

They both looked at me. I began to blush.

"T..the food...w..was very delicious."

I began to blush even more.

Pagan:"That's so cute when you blush my dear."


I didn't know what to say.

Pagan:"Well, I guess you still must be tired. I mean you even fell asleep on the balcony."

"Yes, I sure am tired. I've I'm allowed to...I'd leave the table."

Pagan:"Will you find your way alone."

I had to think. Whaf if I...see Yuma?

I nodded.

Pagan:"Well then my dear. Have a good night."

I stood up. Same did Pagan. He went to me and gave me a kiss. I smiled and got out of the dining room.
I hope Ajay will be alright with Pagan xD

Happily I went to my room. Still I got the nightmare in the back of my head. But Yuma wasn't there. I sighed relieved and layed down on my bed. Before I could change into my pajamas I already fell asleep.

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