Chapter 25

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I wiped away that tears. Goddamnit, where the fuck is Sheela?

As if it couldn't be any worse, Ajay went straight to me.

Ajay:"Why did you ran off?"

"I....don't know."

Ajay:"...ok...well, I'm no going to a meeting with...Sabal and Amita...see you"

He said it to hurt me.

"Well. Say hello to them for me. And tell them that I will see them sooner or later....."

Ajay looked at me angrily. And he just went off.

"Isn't your little girlfriend going with you?"
Oops, you dumb shit, watch your mouth!

Those words just slipped out of my mouth, rolled over my tongue without even thinking.

Ajay turned around.

Ajay:"Dipti? You're jealous? You had your chance. But you got that blonde ass bitch putting his little dick inside you! And to even make it better you gave birth those two little shitheads! YOU ARE A MISTAKE FOR KYRAT! YOU SHOULDN'T BE HERE!"

He shouted the last two sentences and everyone turned their heads to see the scenery.

"There would be no way for me to choose you. You have just no idea what love even is. So I'm not the jealous one."

Ajay turned around.

Ajay:"Get prepared. This was a mistake."

He just went. I looked around and straight into the curious faces of the people. I took out the headgun and shot in the sky.

"You got nothing to do you little shits?"

I put it away and angrily got into the car. I called Sheela.

"Get your ass into that car or you can walk home."

Sheela:"I bought us some nice stuff! And yep I know, we should leave. You really made a scene with that guy. Who is he?"

"An old friend...well he was. Wait...there still is something to do.."

I got out of the car and went straight to the shop.

Dipti looked at me with a scared face. The old bishop women or what ever it was. Kinda looks like E.T.

The ET bishop woman thing stood before Dipti.

E.T Bishop woman:"Lay a hand on my daughter and you die demon. You will burn."

"Shut up grandma."

I pointed the gun at the grandma bishop E.T. A single shot let her fall to the ground. Dipti screamed. Shit I gotta hurry.

I pointed the gun at Dipti.

"Why do you play with Ajays heart?"


"Of course you do, you little shit."

Dipti just looked down:"I love him."

"He just uses you. He doesn't love you. But let me tell you something. You'll never hear him say that."

Dipti:"Really? He'll never reject me."

"I never said that. You just won't live long enough to hear him say that when he returns."

I shot her. And rushed out of the shop.

I got into the car and Sheela came. With 5 big paper bags full of clothes. Omg, wtf.

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