Chapter 27

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I layed in my bed. I'll go insane! I need to move.
I got out of bed even thought my arm hurts as hell. I walk straight up to Pagans room and knocked.
Pagan sat on his desk with glasses.
I looked at him. Then I began to laugh.
"*gasp* you got glasses"
I laughed.
Pagan approached me.
Pagan:"You don't like glasses?"
"No thats not it. I just never saw you with glasses before. You look different."
Pagan grinned.
Pagan:"Well, I look good don't I."
"Oh yeah of course. As always my king"
At first we just looked in each others eyes than we began to laugh.
Pagan:"I've been wondering about something."
Pagan:"My bed is too big to sleep in there alone. Would you like to share a room with me?"
I nodded.
"Yes. That would be great."
Pagan smiled and hugged me. His smell came to my nose which I love so much. But then I remembered Dipti's shop and Ajay. I should stop thinking about Ajay.
I suddenly felt uncomfortable in Pagans arm.
But I just continued hugging him.
I love Pagan. I love him right?
Pagan:"I'll have dinner alone tomorrow alright?"
I nodded.
Pagan stroke my head and gave me a kiss on the forehead.
Then I layed down in his...I meant our bed.
"I still need to rest a bit. So I can train as soon as possible. Only for you."
I smiled.
Pagan:"Yeah. Well, I'll look after Yama and Manju a bit. Rest well. Oh wait. I forgot something."
He came to me. In his hand a little box.
I think I knew what it was.
Pagan:"Do you...want to be my wife?"
I smiled as tears filled up my eyes.
Pagan:"Nah you know? Just a joke...yes of course I want to marry you"
I laughed.
"Yes. Oh crap yes."
I hugged him. He gave the ring on my finger. He put his ring on himself.
Pagan:"Now I really need to go sweetheart."
"Yeah. Give them a kiss for me."
Pagan went out the room with a nod. I just layed on my bed.
Yes, holy crap I'm engaged xD.
I smiled and layed down and fell asleep.

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