Chapter 20

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Pagan went off to get some stuff for the baby...oops I meant babies...Oh this still is to unbelievable to realize... I layed in my bed as always. It was boring. So. Boring. But the doctors asisstant came in like every third hour to check on my. I felt annoyed.


The doctors asisstant was told to look and me and now he was trembling as I shouted at him.

D:"I..I'm to you"

I sighed.

"It's okay I'm sorry. It's just a bit annoying."

D:"Well, you could give birth every minute I was told to look at you"

"Who said that?!"

I felt panic and wasn't able to move.
Give birth? Twins? Fuuuuuck

D:"the doctor said it Mrs.."

"I'm not married. I'm still a miss"

The boy must be the same age as me, but the months I lived in Kyrat made me feel like a grandma.

D:"Sorry miss." He suddenly looked amused. He must have noticed my thought through my eyes. I felt annoyed again. "Why are you smiling? Do your job and get me some pizza. With extra cheese." He nodded and got out of my room. I sighed relieved. "Finally"

The pain shot through my body.

"Yeaaah, of course! That was like so clear to happen!"

My sight blurred and I saw the doctor and the annoying asistant rushing in. There was time spared for only one thought. Where is my fucking pizza?!

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