Chapter 7

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I was laying on my bed and texting with Ajay. I haven't seen Pagan since yesterday, so I was a bit worried. He can handle everything himself. And he got Yuma on his side. I got another text. Ajay:"So how you doing with Pagan?" I got an uncomfortable feeling. Does he know what's going on? I wrote back:"he's nice, everythings okay. But that's not what's important. How are you doing?" I didn't get an answer. I sighed and locked the display. Then I just looked at the wall. I'm so bored!  I didn't want to cook, last time I got rewarded with a needle in my throat. I was scared of this place and I needed to get away. I still don't know why I wanted to go away. Then Ajays reply came:" I'll rescue you. Get to the door." Really can this guy read my mind? Every f*cking time he knows what I'm thinking! I sighed and packed some things. I also went to Pagans room and looked for sonething I could take with me. I don't belong to Kyrat.... I sighed again. I found one of Pagans button downs and sniffed on it. It smells like Pagan.... My sight fell on a small bottle of perfume. That's Pagans perfume! I gave it in my bag. That's a hard goodbye...but I gotta go. Ajay ad the Golden Path won't come here that often if they weren't about to save me...I miss Pagan...I want to see his face once before I go! The tears began to run down my cheeks. I took some money out of a chest and gave it into my bag. I stopped crying. You are not a little girl. After Ajay saved you, you'll grab a car or a motorbike and get home as fast as you can. I nodded even tho noone was in the room except me. I got to the door, still wearing the kimono thing. My wound on my stomach didn't hurt anymore, so I'll be fine. I opened the door. And went out. There was a car crashing into thr front gate and member of the Golden Path got out of it. Ajay ran to me and hugged me so hard that it was hard to breathe. "A..ajay" he just hugged me. Ajay:"Get in the car and let's get you to Amita" Sabal ran to the car as I was already sitting on the back row. Next to me was a boy whose name I don't know. Sabal just looked at me. What's with him?! Why does he look at me like I'm an ugly spider in his shower?! I ignored his look and just looked out the window. As we drove away from Pagans mansion I almost began to cry. No, when they know what's going on they'll make you their dinner. I just closed my eyes. Damn it. I love Pagan. The fuck am I doing? But the car was already driving, so I couldn't get out. Sabal:"so, Ray Tasmian. What do you know about Lakshmana?" The guy next to me was shocked as he heard my name. Uhm? "Lakshmana is Pagans daughter and turns out to be...Ajays half sister. She's dead." Ajay turned around to look at me. Ajay:"WHAT?!" I was scared. "W..well your mother had something with Pagan and...yeah" I couldn't look in Ajays eyes. He hates me now. He really does. I didn't know what to say. Ajay:"....makes sense..." Wait, what? It's okay for him? I just looked outside the window and tried to calm myself down. I remembered when Pagan calmed me down yesterday. After I almost died because of the needle. And again I'm thinking of Pagan.....Why can't I just forget him?! I closed my eyes. Fuck I truly messed everything up.

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