Chapter 13

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So I stood there. Messy hair, dirty clothes, bleeding, totally exhausted and...most of all..very pale and weak. And only a hug made me forget all of it. Made me forget what happened the last few days here, the many tears I've wasted. Only a hug. By the one I loved.

Pagan:"Dear I love you"

I blushed. He took of his coat and wrapped it around me.

"Thank you"

He lifted me up. And again my heart was racing and I just burried my face in his chest.

I knew he was smiling. That's just the way he is.

Pagan:"You really did miss me my dear. Well, I can understand you. Because I missed you too."

I nodded. I heard his heart and how fast it was beating.
Only because he carries me. I'm the luckiest woman in the world.

He got with me in his arms on the helicopter and sat down. Now I was laying comfortably in his arms. I looked at him and noticed that his face was really close.


Now I realiced Ajay was with us at the helicopter too. I got red as a tomato and covered my face with my hair.

Pagan smiled.

Pagan:"Ajay, what were your thinking?"

Ajay:"The hell are you talking about?"

Pagan:"Mind your words boy. I wanted to know why you wanted Ray so badly."

Ajay:"...w..well..we are....friends...and...she was in your hand. How could I not worry? Look what happened."

Hm? Well that's an answer.

I looked at Ajay. He was...blushing.
Well that's not really a surprise.

I looked over Pagans shoulder and I gasped. We were above the Himalayas and it was simply wonderful!

I stood up and looked at it. I took a photograph. Pagan smiled. This smile. I love it.

I grinned. I crawled back to him. Into his saving and caring arms. It was the best feeling in the world, just laying there.

I made a photo of him.

Pagan:"Did you just make a photo?"

I grinned.

Pagan laughed.

Pagan:"Do I look good?"

"You always do, my majesty"

I could wipe that grin off my face.

Pagan:"Well then my princess. I'm satisfied."

I sniffed at him.

"Oh I almost forgot."

I was digging in my bag and vave him his perfume.

Pagan laughed.

Pagan:"Thank you"

I was blushing.

The helicopter stopped and we were at Pagans mansion.

I stood up.

Pagan:"Ajay. You forgot to scatter some ashes right?"

Ajay:"U..uhm..yeah. I need to find Lakshmana."

Pagans eyes went dark.

Pagan:"Follow me. And after that, let's all have dinner together!"

They brightened up.

I got escorted by a guard to my room. The guard wemt away as I entered the house. I remembered everything. Every single room. Good that I was exploring the last time I was here. I would get completely lost if I wasn't.

I got to my room and at half of the way stood Yuma.

Yuma:"What are you doing here?"

"I'm Pagans guest. Already forgot me?"

Yuma:"No I didn't. I always remember the faces of my.....enemies."

"Enemy? How come?"

Yuma:"You destroy Pagan"

"Destroy? I'd ratter call it love"

Yuma:"Yeah yeah."

"Yuma, what are you up to?"


She went past me with that strange look again.
Weird. That woman got something on her mind.

I just went to my room. As if a dream came true I ran into the bathroom and showered. After that I brushed my wet and cleared hair and brushed my teeth.

When I was finished with the bathroom I went to the wardrobe. A wonderful white summer dress with fitting shoes was in it.'re awesome.

I changed my clothes and sat down on my balcony. I looked outside the window at the Himalayas. Wonderful.

I didn't notice someone coming in......

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