Chapter 21

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My sight was blurred and the pain made me unable to move. I wasn't really awake, it was like a trance. But at the moment I thought, my muscles would tear apart and my whole body would explode, they were finished.

D:"You brought two children in this world, I hope that they are not as naiv and angry as you."

"Shut up."

I smiled. And the doc knew that it wasn't meant to hurt him. I layed there and had some time to rest. And then I softly held a baby in my arm. The asistant held the other one.

"Next time get me my pizza. And don't drop my baby!"

I looked at my baby. It was so light and cute. It looked like a potato.


Pagan rushed in completely out of breath. His hair was messy.

As he saw me with a baby and the asistant he didn't move.


He smiled and he had such a soft and caring glance. He took the baby out of the asistant's hands. He smiled.

Pagan:"So this is our son...."

I smiled.

"It's the girl you are holding. I'm holding the boy."

Pagan:", so...what should we call them?"

D:"Finally one of you gets the idea of giving names!"

"...I don't know. I always wanted my kid to have american names...but now....I don't want that anymore.."

Pagan:"Hm...I'll call the boy and you the girl?"


Pagan:" him Yama."

As if he knew that we meant him, he turned his head and grabbed my finger.

I couldn't stop grinning.

" the girl...."
Uh, what name what name.......uuuuh, I only know american names...Dawn,Ruby,Natasha......they don't fit!..........

Then suddenly I knew it.
I call her....Manju <3

"I call the girl Manju <3"

Pagan grinned and even the heartless doctor seemed to smile. Maybe it's just the light?

Pagan came to me and hugged me. And we just couldn't wipe that smile of our faces.

Suup? Thanks a lot to Ohozelot for the names :D and I love you all, I just can't tell how awesome you are.
Yours forever my dears <3

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