Chapter 18

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*°*°*°*°*°9 months later*°*°*°*°*°*°*°




I had a big belly because of the child. It was difficult to walk long distances, so I had every meal on my bed. It was horrible. I was fat and ugly. Always messy hair, not enough sleep.But still I went trhough so much afford only because of onr little baby. We still don't know, what it will be. But I know Pagan wantd a daughter be honest.....I'd like to.have a daughter too. But just as always the fortune of me and Pagan had something even better in mind....

My mind was spinning as I layed in bed as always. I got to hear what they talk about at the Golden Path. And again, they tried to capture me. But this was already 2 months ago.
......what should I do? They are spreading rumors and little teenage girls...

My thoughts got interrupted.

Pagan:"You there?"

I sighed

"Where else?"

Pagan:"Good answer. I've been want to know if it's a boy or girl?"

"You really can't wait until the birth, can you?"

He came to me and held my hands.

Pagan:"I could. But already knowing what it is could make the preparations easier."

"Just admit that you want to know it"

I grinned.

"Fine fine, where's the doc?"

Pagan smiled.

Pagan:"You're the best. I'll call him."

"Yeah yeah"

I sat on the bed smiling. I remembered what happened to Yuma. They were friends for a long time. And she was very important....only because of me, she's dead.
Da hell gurl?! Pagan killed her and choose you! Now get out of your Pokeball made of guiltyness and selfdepressing atmosphere.

Again my minds were fighting. I don't get it. Am I crazy?


I looked at him.


I was confused.

Pagan:"Your eyes and facial expression shows very clear whats going on in your head. You think it's your fault..I said maybe. I think I should have realized sooner. So it's also my fault."

He really knows me. Even though a bit to well.

He stroke my hand and gave me a kiss on the forehead. Then he went out to leave some space for the doctor.





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