Far Cry ONE SHOTS by Applehead5
Far Cry ONE SHOTSby Applehead5
Some one shots about my favorite game series. Yeah why not? I take request (i guess), even gay stuffs
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Farcry x reader oneshots by GhostCatcoon
Farcry x reader oneshotsby Ghostcatcoon
please choose characters from either far cry 3, 4 , or 5. but don't only request the seeds. I want to be able to have some variety.
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Far cry [ one shots ] by GhostCherrys
Far cry [ one shots ]by GhostCherrys
Here I do far cry oneshots! Mostly of 3/4/5 of the game, Request are open if you want one,
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Farcry Drabbles (Reader x Various) by Video-Game-Imagines
Farcry Drabbles (Reader x Various)by Video-Game-Imagines
I've gotten quite a few requests for stories involving characters from the various Farcry games on Tumblr, AO3, and Deviantart. I thought I would share them here, as we...
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Visiting Kyrat by Risky-B3ll
Visiting Kyratby Risky-B3ll
"Here I am on the plane to visit Kyrat. I heard that it was a beautiful place to be in but there was a ton of bad things going on like drug farms, terrorists that w...
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Wild (Far Cry 4) by astronautzz
Wild (Far Cry 4)by テイラー
24-year-old Kasia Raynewater has never lived up to her name. Pure. Graceful. Etcetera. She hates romantic or animated movies. She drinks, lies, and does whatever she can...
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