Chapter 22

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*°*°*°*°*°Few weeks passed*°*°*°*°*°

I had some time to recover from the birth. The problem was, I got no clue how to deal with babies. That's why Pagan ordered some maids to care for the babies. So I got to see them when I got time. Right now I was sitting with Pagan at the table. Paul De Pleur was our guest.

Pagan:"So, you said there was a spy?"

Paul:"Yup. But you're not the only target they have. They also want Ray. And you're little kiddos."

I clenched my teeth.

"Well I will fight them!"

Paul:"...How? Is there a way we haven't tried yet?"

I sighed.


Pagan chuckled.

Pagan:"With that little handgun you may survive 15 minutes with some luck my dear. No, we need another assassin. Since Yuma left.."

Paul:"Still, why did Yuma leave? You never told me how or why she just disappeared!"

I looked around nervously.

"Since...she..left. I want to help you. That's why I want to be your new assassin."

Pagan:"Impossible. You need to train for months to do that. And you could die. Why should I risk that?"

"Because I want to help you. You need help. I spend all day in your mansion Pagan. Like a tiger lurking around in a cage. I need to do something."

Paul:"She's right. She has the abilities to learn Yumas skills. We could get her finished in less than two and a half months!"

Pagan:"What about Manju and Yama?"

"Pagan, they got the maids. You shouldn't worry so much my dear."

Paul looked at me.

Paul:"Who should train her?"

Pagan:"Well. Either you, Rajesh or me."

Paul:"You think Rajesh could do this? I mean, he's insane."

Pagan:"Leaves me or you."

Paul:"I could train her when you have to work. When you find time you do"
Pfff ain't nobody got time for dat?!

Pagan:"What do you think Ray?"

"Sounds good to me. I finally know how to spend my energy in something actually useful."

Pagan smiled.

Pagan:"So it's settled. Paul will meet you at 8 am in my garden? There is alot of place for training."

Paul stood up.

Paul:"Good. But I got to leave now. We'll see us tomorrow. Ray. Pagan. Good evening."

He shook hands with us and left.
Finally. I can get out of my cage. Kyrat really changed me...

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