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It was daytime. I looked around. Pagan layed next to me. I gave him a kiss and got out of bed. I went to Yama and Manjus bedroom. I smiled softly as I looked at their sleeping faces.
This....is a dream.
I sat down on a chair and just watched them.
Then I took a selfie.
I smiled as I put the hashtags #engaged #IlovePagan #Happymother in the instagram description. And I marked Pagan under the picture. I chuckled while uploading it.
It was evening and the sun goes down. I heard gunfire and screams. I got out of bed and went to Yama and Manjus room. I looked around. Nothing. I quickly got out of the room and locked the room from the outside. Then I ran through the house. I smelled smoke and heard them taking over the mansion.
I searched every room after him.
The dining hall!
I ran to the dining hall. Ajay stood there pointing a gun at Pagans head while Pagan just ate.
"Ajay! PAGAN!"
Ajay  pulled the trigger just as I ran towards him and tackled him. I screamed. But it wasn't me who got shot. As Ajay looked at me Pagan fell to the ground.
I ran to Pagan and sat down next to him.
Pagan:"Ray....this went totally wrong."
My tears dripped on his chest while blood flows out his chest.
"Don't leave me. What am I supposed to do without you?"
Pagan smiled. He grabbed my hand and stroked the finger with the ring on it.
Pagan:"I knew that this is happening. I'm sorry. You shouldn't see this."
I just cried. My tshirt was already drenched of blood.
"No no no no no"
Pagan looked at me.
Pagan:"I love you...I'm s...o..rry"
I took his head in my hands. Cold.
"No no no no no no NOOOOO"
The last 'no' was a scream of total despair.
"Pagan. No...tell me you're just joking...no...noo...no.no"
Ajay stood behind me.
Ajay:"Kyrat is free."
Now the tears ran down even more. I hugged Pagans dead body and cried out loud.
I stroked through his hair just continued hugging him.
I closed his eyes and just couldn't stop crying. The I layed him down softly and stood up.
Ajay:"I saved Kyrat!"
I gave him a slap. Like a hard bitch slap.
I clenched my fists.
"I'll kill you!"
Ajay:"Stop Ray! You know this had to happen!"
"No it didn't!"
The tears ran down my cheeks again.
Then I sank to the ground. I got no control over my body. I just sat there and the only thing I did was crying.
Ajay:"Come on Ray. Stand up."
Ajay lifted me up.
Ajay:"Let's...let's just.....I don't know what I should do."
Ajay:"I'll....burn him and....lets spread his ashes alright?"
I shook my head.
Ajay sighed and carried me away.
Pagan pagan pagan pagan pagan pagan....
Ajay carried me to Manju and Yama. He sat me on the chair and just...left.
As I looked out of the window I looked at the sky.
And the wind seemed to whisper.
I held my hand towards the sky.
I went to the balcony.
I began to cry again.
Those were the last words as I leaned against the balcony fence. Suddenly the fence broke.
As I fell I just smiled and looked at the sky.

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