Chapter 2

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I woke up with headache. Ohh, did I just crashed my head?! After a few minutes I was able to see clearly. Well, actually I did.....kinda....never mind....wait...where the heck am I?! It was a big room. The walls had a salmon coloured paint and on the right wall was a painting of Elephants. On the left wall was a window and the sun shone softly into the room. I looked down on myself. Yeah right. There was some piece of glass in my stomach... I wore a white button down with pink circles on it. That definately belonged to this blonde guy. I still wore my jeans and my shoes stood at the ground next to the bed. I unbuttoned my button down. Someone nursed my wound...who did that? Hopefully not that blonde guy. I stood up carefully, didn't try to move my stomach. As I stepped into my converse I took a deep breathe. Where is Ajay? Where is Darpan? I slowly opened the door and heard someone talking. So there they are...I followed the voices.".....could someone please put that bloody bag off his head?!" Those were the only words I understood as I came near. The blonde guy looked at me. "Oh yes, now let's sit here young lady" he said. One of his men stood up and went away. I slowly sat down, I wasn't able to figure out the situation. "Again, I'm terribly sorry for what happened before. This, is more what I had in mind" He said. I looked at the decorated table. Are those...monkey heads? I looked at the dish right in front of me. It looked more delicious before I figured out those monkey heads in the middle of the table. The blonde guy didn't mind me and continued to talk to Ajay. You really saw that Ajay felt uncomfortable, but maybe it was just me. " So, fresh start. Introductions. You're Ajay Ghale, my guest of honor, on your left sits Ray Tasmian, also my guest of honor, I'm sure you two know each other and on your right the little monkey whose name I still don't know. "And I, of course, am Pagan Min. Hmmm, Pagan Min.....
I heard that name before...but where?! I just covered my face with my hair, looking at the dish at the table right before me."You really don't remember me, do you? Your mother, she never spoke of me, never mentioned me? Oh, well change all that. Now your mother on the other hand, she understood me. She knew me in a way that noone ever did. The last time I saw Ishwari was years ago. She told me she loved me. Women, they can do that. They can tell you they love you in the moment and mean it, men on the other hand. No, men only really love you in hindsight. When too much distance has built up. So, when your mother decided to flee to the USA with you on her hip, I couldn't help but blame myself. Then I realized it, it's not me. No, it was the fucking Golden Path. I heard a little scream and looked up. A fork was in Darpans back. I uncontrollably I began to shake. That Pagan Min guy really is a psycho.......but handesome on the other hand...what the hell am I thinking?! "Those terrorist have to ruin everything. Like dinner! Did no one ever teach youy that it's rude to text at the table? Let's see here. Give me the phone!" Pagan slapped Darpans hand, which covered the mobile screen. "Really guys? We're not checking for these anymore?" He looked what Darpan wrote. " *I'm with Ajay Ghale* Oh, we'll love this part. *Help* A text for help? You don't text for help, you cry for help. So, come on, you're going to cry for help. You're going to do something, you're going to do it right" He dragged Darpan to the window with pulling him with the fork. "Here we go! Go on..... cry for help. Cry for help." he said. "Help" the Darpan said. "Aw, pathetic. No. Cry for help." "Help!" Darpans voice was louder. "Like you mean it!" Darpan:"HELP" Pagan shouted: " Help! From your diaphragm! HELP!" Darpan:"HEHEHEHHHHEEEEELP!" Darpan sounded like a injured dog. "Shshsh, now we listen...nothing.....I'm afraid thre're not coming for you buddy" Pagan said. What the hell is going on? I stood up but Ajay made a gesture to sit down again. I sat down. That Pagan Min guy needs help. Definately! "Find out what he knows" Pagan made a gesture with his hand and his men, who stood in the edges of the room to protect their King got Darpan and dragged him away. Pagan Min threw the bloody fork on the ground. "Terrorists, right? Now, please. Stay right here. Enjoy the Crab Rangoon.Don't move. I'll be right back. He took a phone and left. "Yuma, we need to talk..." Pagan went away so I couldn't figure out what he said. As Pagan left Ajay took the ashes of his mother and gave them into his bag. "What are we supposed to do?" I looked at Ajay. Ajay just looked back with some weird look. "Is..everything alright?" "Yes....I just need to get what was going on..." he replied. "We know each other, don't far as I can remember my parents where friends of yours." I said. I carefully stood up. "Yeah..but let's save the talking for later." He took my hand and dragged me a phew metres. "W...w.ait" my injuriy burned as hell. I coughed. I kinda went after Ajay. Every step I took felt awful. Some people stormed into Pagan Mins gate, welcoming and greeting Ajay. I leaned against the wall, still wearing Pagans button down. I coughed. A  guy held a gun at my head. Ajay:"no stop! She's a friend....and injured, she can't flee in the stadium she's right now" I sweated and my mouth was dry like a desert. No...I really can't go one step anymore....phew. I felt dizzy again Oh, not again...I tried to keep my eyes open. Not again this time. With shaking knees I tried to go a phew steps. Ajay went to me, he gave my arm on his shoulder and helped me but even a snail would have won a race against me, goddamit I was slow. I got lifted by Ajay, as he noticed that this won't get us away from here. I got carried to a car. I got layed on the back row of the car and everything went black again....Uh....goddamit.

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