Chapter 17

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Yuma stepped out of the shadow. Grumbling like a dog.

Yuma:"This was one of my hunch men"

Pagan:"So, you wanted to kill me or what?"

Yuma:"No, not you. Nothing could get me to kill you."

Her look was soft and loving.
So she loves Pagan too..

Yuma:"I wanted to kill her..."

She pointed at me slightly.

Pagan:"I love her, nothing will stop me from. Not even you"

Yuma looked like she got a punch in her face. And again I felt her jealous stare on my back. I was still shaking. And I wasn't able to move, my muscles felt like butter.

Yuma:"Give her up and she doesn't have to die. Or stay with her and let her die"

Pagan:"Yuma, this is no time for jokes"

Yuma:"I'm serious Pagan."

"......Let's get this settled"

I stood up, don't ask me how.

So I stood there, trembling, with messy hair and pointing a gun at a very skilled assassin trained to kill without hesitation.

Pagan:"Ray. Please don't. You'll die."

"At least I'll die by your side"

Yuma:"This sounds like romeo and juliet. Ugh, gross."

Pagan:"Yuma stop this!"

Pagan held my arm very thight. I looked at him.

"Trust me."

Yuma:"So, ready to die and sacrifice your child?"

"Shut the fuck up you little bitch."

I was confident and adrenaline ran through my vains.

I pointed the gun at her.

I shot at her. Before I knew what was going on she moved to me.

Pagan raised his hand towards me. And I saw Yumas grin. I shot three times. Still I couldn't wipe that damn grin off her face. She was like a snake and before I knew what was even going on, she held a knive to my throat.

Yuma:"You'll die"


I trembled. I thought I could beat her. I thought...You are so dumb. So dumb.

Yumas face suddenly turned pale and she had a gloomy look. She slowly looked behind her. Pagan stood there, with blood everywhere. He had a cold gaze. Still his eyes seemed to burn. Yuma kneeled down looking at the blood drenched shirt she wore.

I pointed my gun at her.

"I'll end your pain."

I shot her in her head. And after she layed on the ground I let the pistol fall. I was about to scream and shout. And hit everyone around me. Only one person was able to calm me down and he achieved it by just hugging me. I wanted to say something but I got kissed so much that I was unable to even breathe.

After that I looked at Pagan. A tear ran down his face.

Pagan:"I..thought I have to loose my child and love again."

His voice was cracking. I wiped away the tear.

"Nothing gets me away from you. No one will ever rip us apart."

Now hot tears ran down my face. And we were both hugging.

Pagan:"Is it actually a boy or a girl?"

"How am I supposed to know?"

Pagan laughed and hugged me tighter. He wispered into my ear.

Pagan:"Our love will last forever. Because we were supposed to meet. Nothing in this world would ever make me let you go.

I just smiled and let the tears of happiness and love run down my cheeks and dripping on the floor.

And the only thing you were able to hear were our beating hearts and the sound of the tears falling to the ground. <3

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